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  1. Mac Rumors just got hacked during the Macworld Keynote. The live stream of events was going and then all of a sudden things began to go.. wrong.. like having Mac Rumors say they were being sponsored by 4chan or the kkk. Mac Rumors Hacked
  2. I dont think people will follow this. If you understand enough to say "i need to be able to hack wordpess blog running 1.3.1" then you will not say, "i need to break into my gf/bf's blog"
  3. Is fictitious. It wouldnt make much sense to make an extremely complex program for hacking and then throw a useless gui ontop of it.
  4. I would say get a computer science degree and then find like minded people in your area. connections are just as important as having a degree in my experience
  5. I choose to grab only pirate bay torrents since they would be more sustainable.. unfortunately that meant I couldnt choose the format for all the videos.. oh well..
  6. Can you give me a link to the fun with garage doors? I dont have that one. I am only using torrents from piratebay since they I want them to last so ill upload it there.
  7. I have worked WAY too long on this blog post.. but I have compiled a list of all the torrent files available for the 25C3 conference that ended on the 29th of december.. there was a good 6 hours of work on this (no joke)... I am hosting a zip of all the torrents of videos out so far.. i will update it as new videos come online. grab the zip from my post since zip link may update
  8. I like how you said That dosnt make it sound like a corporate line or like your from there at all. "Easy-to-undertand reports" ha! if your going to try to con people at least learn how that group talks.
  9. It had to happen sometime.. they finally got worn down.
  10. I remember reading the "My son is a hacker" one and laughed at the satire... "an veil hacker linus torvoltos" This one is just sad thought.
  11. For the most part it was self taught, but I had a friend who was learning at about the same pace as me and we bounced ideas off each other and encouraged one another to learn more.
  12. They dont really goto the mall of america.. they go there and then to a coffee shop but i think most people just skip to the coffee shop. Ive only gone once (last meeting) in the last two years and its good.. just not all that hacking oriented. My friend had some ideas.. if you ever have a chance to goto the 2600 in Chicago i definitely recommend it. I want to make one like theirs where this a presentation each week on something security related.
  13. I was looking around and found this really cool magazine by the Chaos Computer Club gang... problem is that its in german and I don speak it... Translators? :D
  14. Stepmania I know you wanna go windows.. but...
  15. It is legal to listen to the police but it is illegal to do so while in a vehicle that is on. I am a web designer and I honestly dont think that you are going to have a large deal of traffic from this. I doubt you will re coop the cost of streaming it (unless you are providing the bandwidth yourself) Most affiliates wont give you much until you can show them that you get a lot of traffic.. you can do this by showing your alexa ranking or google analytic.. some require others.