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  1. Figured this would be the best place for this thread. I'll be driving through Florida to attend a friends wedding this weekend in the Clearwater area. Was hoping to meet up with some old and new friends at some point during my trip. Here's my intenerary:

    Friday (05/06/11): Leaving around 8-9pm EST, and driving 8.5 hours through the night. Arriving in Clearwater around 5-6 AM EST Saturday.

    Saturday (05/07/11): Got a wedding at some indetermined point of the day. Planning on enjoying some florida stuff (namely, RAW OYSTERS) at some point during the day.

    Sunday (05/08/11) driving home. have the whole day free for the trip, so am hoping to make some stops on the way home. Would love to take some time to visit my fellow hackers on the trip home. Specifically planning on stopping by the hometown of Mr. Stinkydog.

    Anyone interested in meeting up that might be on my way back home, or in the clearwater area, please post here.


  2. I figure ConfCon is one of the best options for sharing new information and breakthroughs we come upon as phreaks in the classic way. Not to mention that it's nice to have an entire con dedicated to the single subject, instead of having to sift through everything else to find good phone stuff.


  3. No utility rooms or closets on any of the buildings around me. Going to try another route to see if there are any such rooms in the complex.

    Also running an intelius check on the name tonight to see what I come up with.


  4. Sucks to hear about the webhost pulling the plug. If you want, I can try to put you guys in contact with the folks who used to host the BCR website. I don't know what the companies structure or prices are these days, but name dropping might still be somewhat helpful for you.

    If I can help get this thing going, I will do what I can.


  5. Anyone know if ConfCon is happening again? I know their website is down now, but wasn't sure what had become of the con. I'd very much love to check the next one out, and possibly contribute (if it happens)


  6. The box had many service tags designating other lines, just nothing for mine.

    I know there are no basements on the buildings near mine (aside from underground parking decks, which have no telco hardware in them. Going to keep searching for larger boxes.


  7. Tonight I decided to go for a leisurely stroll throughout my apartment complex. As luck would have it, I stumbled across two telco cans in the bushes near my building, both wide open with the covers thrown asunder on the ground. Fear not, though, Dear Reader. My training in the boy scouts taught me to always be prepared to do a good deed. So, of course, I had my handy 7/16 driver with me to put things back in their proper place.

    As I was preparing to secure the boxes from possible tampering, my eyes could not help but to stray to the various tags on the wire pairs designating what lines were currently assigned to what units. However, none of the information pertained to the topic of this thread. In short time, I was able to get the lids to the cans in place and tightly fastened the bolts holding them in place. Hopefully now the phone company can rest easy in knowing that no nefarious persons will be tampering with service tonight.

    You're welcome, at&t.

    (PS: Going to be checking the phone book as per ticom's recommendation, as well as searching the intelius databases tonight to see if I can find anything out)


  8. It's nice to be back. I haven't been doing much real phoneplay in a while, but I suppose it's a disease you never really get rid of (like herpes). Of course, now I have to not only re-learn everything I've forgotten over the years, but play catch up on everything that's changed since then :)

    I haven't been able to figure out where they're hiding the box for my building yet, going to go do some searching tonight or tomorrow and see if it happens to be swinging wide open for anyone to accidentally see what's inside.


  9. Hey gang, P(?)NYB(?)Y here. Been away from the online community for a while, and no longer have access to my old account on the forum. Anywho, I have a tricky one I need some help with. Here's the backstory:

    I just moved into a new apartment, and (as happens at most apartments) I tend to get quite a lot of mail for the former residents who didn't set up forwarding. Generally it's crap, but the other day I received a nifty prepaid phone card from a company called Pay Tel. As far as I've been able to gather, it's a prepaid Inmate Calling Service (which allows you to communicate relatively cheaply with prison inmates), and if an account goes inactive while it has a remaining prepay balance, they send out a calling card with the remaining balance. Sadly, in order to use the card, I need to have the customers phone number they registered with, which I don't.

    Anyways, long story short, I'm very interested in this company and am wondering if anyone has experience with them and if there is any info to be shared.