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  1. i figure we'll try and find a place to grab some eats or something
  2. h5n1, are your friends going to be attending the meet-up if we do one?
  3. so, anyone else thinking of coming? It looks like it'll be a small meet-up.
  4. indeed, most invision forums have a lo-fi version. with invisionfree forums it is usually the url for the forum with /ar/ added to the end. for example. http://s10.invisionfree.com/Pokemon_Cyberealm/ would have a lo-fi archive at http://s10.invisionfree.com/Pokemon_Cyberealm/ar/. There is a link at the bottom of the main forums page that will usually say Archive (for iinvisionfree forums)
  5. i'm down for splitting a room. We can talk about this more in private. (don't want people to hear all about our hot buttsechs)
  6. awesome, that seems like a very reasonable price.
  7. the only thing that flyer doesn't tell me is how much it costs to get into the con.
  8. well, at notacon i did notice that there were about 10 places where payphones had been removed inside the hotel. from what i gathered, they were all there last year.
  9. In order to keep an awesome textfile from becoming outdated, dual_parallel has turned over responsibilities for updating Project Wal-Mart Freedom (available here) to me. As a first order of bussiness, I have taken the liberty of reorganizing the tfile so it is easier to reference. The most noticeable change is that the payphone directory is now arranged in sub-categories by state. The latest version should be up on OldSkoolPhreak.com very soon. I have also taken the liberty of setting up a gmail account for you to send in your numbers and whatnot to. the email address is ProjectWalmartFreedom [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are going to submit numbers, I ask that you please include whether or not the payphone accepts incomming calls. I am also looking for people who are willing to test whether or not the numbers already listed accept incoming calls. If you are interested in helping out in this aspect DO NOT just start calling. contact me at the email address listed above, letting me know you are interested and how many numbers you would like me to assign you, and i will assign you a specific list of numbers. For ease of organization, i will limit the amount of numbers that any one person can be assigned at a time to 20. Please don't let this great textfile die.
  10. roothorick, thanks for the submissions! also, counterspell!??! what fucking rock did you crawl out of? haven't seen you in at least a year.
  11. 2 fuckin days!
  12. strom: i think it's standard cosndiered standard etiquette that if you change the menu options on your PBX, you must have a message that says "please listen closely, as our menu options have changed"
  13. droops: the panel is on saturday, not friday.
  14. just thought i'd inform anyone who is interested, we're going to be recording a special episode of BellCoreRadio in the notacon radio area sometime around 10:00Pm on saturday (after the hacker media panel and the talent show) So if you want to be on, i'd appreciate it if you'd try to locate me sometime over the course of the weekend. and if you have some kind of cool topic you want to talk about, feel free to email it to me so that i can research it a bit first
  15. ohhh, ok. I knew how those alarms worked, but i never knew the technical name for that kind of circuit. I might have to take one of mine apart now and see what i can rig up.
  16. well, you could put the reed switch somewhere that is safely far away from the hard drive (like the very bottom edge of the case or something). that really is a cool idea though, carwash. I've never heard of reed switches before this. I'll have to give that one a shot sometime. EDIT: actually, would you mind if i included this in part 2 of this article that i am working on? I'll give full credit for this hack to you, and include you as an author if you want.
  17. natas, i emailed you the article via the forums, but i don't think the email account i have set up on these forums is still active. just reply to the pwf email if there's any issues.
  18. i've got a pretty good article i'll send your way tonight
  19. looks like we've got a civil war on our hands boys... :fight:
  20. wow majestic, i got that same damn email.
  21. will you be bringing the recipes from the old site over to the new one?
  22. i've noticed a mixed bag when it comes to comcast here in georgia. I seem to see alot of contractors working for them, but at the same time i don't think we've ever had any of them doing any work at my house. As far as i can tell, they are all driving real comcast vans (as opposed to white vans with an "authorized contractor for comcast" sticker on it)
  23. For those who don't know, Interz0ne is a hacker con in Atlanta (www.interz0ne.com). I figured since it is drawing nearer to the con (around a month) it would be a good time to start the default "who is going and who wants to meet up" thread. i'll start. I'll definately be there. KEEP THIS THREAD ON-TOPIC GOING P(?)NYB(?)Y droops LogosX mesa Stankdawg MAYBE GOING eldiablo logic cottonballz locke
  24. Greets from interz0ne:
  25. it's fun because it's a mystery. People you never know, with lives and stories and belief sets you have no idea about, walk past payphones every day. It is an amazing experience to call a payphone and connect with someone you've never even dreamed of meeting, sharing conversation and ideas, and hanging up knowing that you potentially made that persons day.