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  1. well, most malls and larger stores have compactors instead of standard dumpsters. where you dive all depends on what you're looking for. i usually dive behind office supply places and other smaller mom & pop computer stores.
  2. wow, that white one is either A) unbelievably attractive or kind of ugly. i can't quite tell which. but for $250+ a piece, i'll stick with my motorola.
  3. cool, look forward to meeting you there.
  4. just picked up the book today. it's a pretty fun learning tool.
  5. probably more so than trying to just get your number, they're harvesting any number you might try to look-up
  6. i see it this way. if the product is put on thier site with the intention of you being able to download it for free, then all is good with the world. if it is put online with the expectation that you will be paying, and you don't, that is piracy.
  7. strom: you're just mad because you never registered strominator.com
  8. i haven't had a chance to read it yet, i had to special order it at my local borders. also, if you listen to the episode of BCR i linked to, she gives a hint about the puzzle you mention.
  9. rad, this should help alot! thanks nick84 and natas!
  10. m2mike: i hope i didn't come off like i was accusing you of stealing. i was just simply stating my opinion on the concept you posted.
  11. evoen: the book is out already.
  12. don't know if any of these are in your area, but... 2600 meetings: Austin: Dobie Mall food court. 6 pm. http://www.austin2600.org]webpage Dallas: Taco Cabana on Preston Rd. just north of Campbell. Houston: Ninfa's Express in front of Nordstrom's in the Galleria Mall. webpage San Antonio: North Star Mall food court. webpage Defcon Groups: DC214 (Dallas) DC512 (Austin) DC713 (Houston)
  13. i agree with BrakeDanceJ on this one. Stealing is stealing, whether you are stealing a song by grabbing it off of a p2p network, or stealing a song by opening a toothpaste box (which i'm sure would be considered product tamepring, which is illegal) and taking the code so that you can get mp3s without paying. They put those codes in the boxes for people who purchase the product, not for criminals.
  14. funnier?
  15. I had the pleasure of interviewing elonka about this matter on the latest episode of BellCoreRadio. to learn more about what has been happening recently in the world of Kryptos, check out BellCoreRadio #32
  16. DallasCon i've heard things...
  17. can a mod sticky this, please?
  18. CerealKiller. from what i can tell, no. but it will play in VLC just fine.
  19. Blacklisted is a good magazine, with a few downfalls. It doesn't have the amount of reader submission that 2600 does. They rely heavily on thier staff writers to produce content for each issue. A few of thier writers have up to 4 articles in every issue. I recommend you wait and purchase the next issue of both 2600 and blacklisted and see what you like better before you decide.
  20. none of the stores here have it stocked yet
  21. telcobob: if you can think of a relatively cheap place to get some grub that will be open late like that, let me know.
  22. sweet, i'll have to check it out. and thanks for the heads up on the new issue being out!
  23. phones make me wet. Urban Exploration makes me wet. lockpicking makes me wet. hacker media makes me soaked.
  24. i thought you'd forgotten about me
  25. telcobob: what is the price range on those places? edit: also, if mesa is going i told him i'd see if he can room with us (he'll split the cost)