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  1. it sounds to me like you might be getting plagued by the rare and elusive box kiddie. the best idea i can come up with would be to put a lock on your TNI, if possible.
  2. *all the time
  3. after getting my last phone bill, skype is my new best friend for the year. i'm not going to say i like it. the audio quality sucks in the most hardcore of ways, but right now it is cheaper to call across country using skype than to use my landline or cellphone.
  4. wow that's a good idea! i just listed my local meeting on there as well. i wasn't aware that there was such a thing as the craigslist groups section. thanks RC!
  5. spinsane, not necessarily, depending on where he lives (and who owns the nearest mall) he might be able to get his hands on a pre-paid visa card. Most of the malls in my area are owned by a company called Simon. and Simon mall gift cards are, you guessed it, Pre-paid visa debit cards. they are good wherever visa debit cards are accepted.
  6. well, it's quite simple, friend. Just take the area code and prefix of your phone number (for example, if your phone number is 762-222-7777, your NPA and prefix would be 762-222). Then grab your phone and start dialing! start with 762-222-0000, then 762-222-0001, and so on until you get to 762-222-9999. Incredibly boring? some might say so, but others (like me) would jump at the opportunity to call so many numbers. make sure to keep close documentation of each number, and share your finds online!
  7. war: PM me a phone number or skype name and i'll hit you up that way and 3-way you in.
  8. well, i finally found a working number in the 762. it is sjust the NPA test number, but not hearing SIT's is always good. 1-762-222-7777
  9. that 'telephone portable' is pretty rad looking. although, nothing can top the eliteness of those batteries. i don't know why, but i feel the strong urge to bid on them. too bad the auction ended. :cuss: A rad Bell System sign link another cool sign (i'd like to put this on my door) link the ULTIMATE bell system lighter. link a neat bell medallion link wow, another great sign! link bell system patch. (i want it, don't bid ) link another medallion. this time with the old bell system logo: link
  10. i realize it was supposed to be active 2 days ago. i've tried calling number in various points of the telephonic spectrum in the NPA all turning up the same result. i don't know wtf is up with it, unless they're just running behind schedule getting it up.
  11. in case you guys neglected to read my past few posts. i don't think it is active yet.
  12. ok, 2 days later and still nothing but disconnected numbers in 762. anyone else having any luck?
  13. i'll go ahead and start putting a page up for it on bellcore, just in case.
  14. well, it's may 16th and i'm still getting nothing but disconnected messages in the 762-400-xxxx range /nick sad_pony
  15. after talking with irongeek alot about network printer hacking during notacon, i finally decided to play around with the program Hijetter (which is used to connect to network printers and poke around). I thought it would a pretty cool idea for me to write a batch script (since that is the closest i get to programming) that would allow me to do similar things. since you can generally control most aspects of a directjet box via telnet, i decided to try and interface that into my batch. the first option just retrieves the printer configuration, which is usually done by telnetting in and typing a forward slash. I've managed to get my batch script to prompt the user to input the IP and then telnet to the ip, but it seems that once telnet opens, it overrides the batch file. i'm looking for a good way to either A.) automate the sending of the / to the telnet terminal, or B.) have the telnet terminal open in a second window and then have the batch file grab the information from the telnet window and display it in the batch window. any ideas?
  16. can i just take a moment to say.. w00t! looks like i'll be able to make some calls without racing up the long-distance bill... again.
  17. i went ahead and started scanning the high/lows in the 400 range. if more people want to start this out as a scanning project, i'll gladly but up a subdomain off of the BellCoreRadio site.
  18. hell yes! i was wondering how long it'd take them to get the area code split off the ground, looks like i'll be able to have some fun scanning a new exchange.
  19. i actually found myself wondering if it was actually tools they were using or just stuff they put up on the screens to make it look like things were going on while the president was there.
  20. verizon.
  21. I-baLL, i'm still not sure if i'm going to be coming, but if i do end up crashing with you, i'll try to keep your g-string well stocked with singles
  22. CerealKiller: show me pictures and i'll believe it.
  23. according to my intel, the room is $80 per night.
  24. I-baLL: for freeeee?
  25. kitche: it's been quarterly for as long as i've been a reader. so at least 3 years.