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  1. came across this on hackaday, not sure if someone has posted about this before, but it is the hot shit! apparently these guys took an old Zac Morris phone and modded a bluetooth headset into it, so that you can relive the old bayside days! oh my god, jessie is on pills?! http://www.grooveking.com/blog/2006/03/gro...-old-brick.html
  2. i enjoyed it, more please!
  3. ok, just following up to make sure that everyone who is planning on going has verified thier place in the headcount for the Binrev dinner (going to call ahead to the place to let them know how many of us are coming). also, if you're listed in the 'going' list, and you're not going anymore, please let me know!
  4. well, i know most McDonalds down here around atlanta that have payphones have qwest payphones (most of them have been sold off to independant companies recently). Is this payphone newly installed, or has it beent here for a long time. Telcobob, you'll have to show me this thing when i get into town. sounds like a fun photo op/phreak adventure. most importantly, can i redbox it?
  5. just FYI, i tried it at work and i don't think IE7 allows you to do this trick directly. it opens up some window asking me if i am sure i want to open (i used google.com as an example) "www.google.com.lnk". kind of puts the damper on the fun
  6. wow. that is pretty leet, and will very likely provide hours of workplace fun (let's just say, i've got a co-worker who checks hackaday every 5 minutes, and he'll get a great shock when it starts playing some hot farm loving video or something )
  7. i think tomorrow i'll start it recording before i go to work and see how far i've gotten when i get back home.
  8. though the term 'churned' doesn't quite fit what i think he's trying to say, I believe he is referring to numbers that people once had, but have since changed thier number. The old number is automatically re-assigned, it likely takes them a while to get around to collecting all the unassigned numbers hidden in the mess. nothing quite like the feeling of spending extra cash to be pranked. (damn you PLA!!! )
  9. i think you guys might be a little off base....
  10. if this is what i think it is, can't wait natas!
  11. strom, drive to vegas and call tada-lol from that
  12. yeah, i definately see some fun video footage for hackTV coming from defcon this year!
  13. i need to get that patch.
  14. woot for da Beave! i need to get you on BCR again sometime!
  15. this sounds reasonable good luck finding people who will give this up never going to get it. this seems reasonable maybe, but chances are all the NPAs will be 206 (if you catch my drift) i assume by this you mean city. that is as far as i (and most everybody else) would be willing to go as far as posting my location online. don't expect people to jump at the opportunity to list thier names, phone numbers, and addresses along side thier handles.
  16. i'm still searching, no luck so far. anyone else had any luck?
  17. good thing eBay banned me for no good reason! no spam for me!
  18. i suppose until we find a good dedicated conf, there is always the option of using Telephreak or even one of those free conferencing service numbers. if we use some kind of free conferencing service (assuming the expire eventually, which i think most do) we could set up a subdomain on some website that most everyone knows (i nominate OSP, or daily phreak) to list what the conf and access code is for the alloted amount of time.
  19. i think i have some conference lines that i found a while back in one of my notebooks. i'll dig around and see if i can find them and if they still work.
  20. i'm considered fairly hard of hearing for the most part (very bad hearing in my left ear). I can hear this thing crystal clear. not so bad, but quite annoying.
  21. while 99% of the people here (myself included) can't honestly say we've never beige boxed, there is a HUGE difference between the occaisional instance when you really need to make a phone call and this scenario. It's the same with almost anything. people find some kind of flaw in a system that proves useful for people in dire situations (i keep a beigbox in my car in case my car should happen to break down somewhere when i am traveling to other states, just in case), and they abuse it because it is free for them. these people are called fucknuts, not phreaks.
  22. i'm hitting a busy when calling that first number you listed caustiq, any chance you got a recording?
  23. i don't hear what makes that reorder different from any other reorder. perhaps we're hearing two different things. care to record what you're hearing?
  24. call the technician out there, give him a padlock and a key, and tell him to secure the phone box properly. (damn phone companies and thier "security bolts")
  25. so did this meeting still happening?