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  1. so size really has more to do with how long they will provide the voltage. i think i get it now.
  2. surprisingly, i don't have any good pictures of droops from last years phreaknic. If jason scott comes again this year, i'm going to make droops reinact "the incident" so i can get a picture of it.
  3. i'm quite excited about Phreaknic this year. had a blast last time! I wonder if Irongeek will ever get to scrub that dirty floor with his tongue?
  4. i don't think he was saying he needed help picking out a new cell phone...
  5. oh no, droops doing another radio show? :omfg: on a serious note, w00t! i must say that all three of them have good radio personalities (and faces) and seem to work well together. just keep droops away from the booze.
  6. strom, just wait until you see it
  7. ok, HOPE isn't too far away. who's going that wants to let me potentially stay on thier floor (for free)? otherwise, who else is just going? GOING cypress phreakblaze murd0c Seal BlackRatchet MR. White (and the FBill Crew) slick0 nenn StankDawg zer0db Scheda Dexter Douglas w1nt3rmut3 ic0n notyourtim Dramacide duper zeroxeal I-baLL MAYBE GOING P(?)NYB(?)Y XxthugstylezxX Soho RightCoast regret
  8. i'm trying as hard as i can not to make a joke about strom cramming things up other things. conferences are always fun. i'm doing work shit now, but i'll try to give it a call when i get a chance.
  9. i saw Richard Linklater's previous movie done in this style, called Waking Life. Really, but looks like this one is a little more dramatic, and less artsy. too bad it's only playing in one theater within like, 50 miles of me.
  10. i vote for P(?)NYB(?)Y in both categories. he might not be a regular "host", but when he's on the show (even as a call-in guest) he has to carry all those other noobs along in all seriousness, on BRR stank would have to be my favorite host and dual would have to be my favorite co-host. and i'm not just saying that because they sent me pictures of thier cracker-barrel themed porn movie. Buck Dangler is.... The Sausage
  11. well, it's hard to have "dropped calls" when the calls never connect in the first place cingular ftw!
  12. it's true, ask droops. but in all honesty, i couldn't agree more. one of the best things about the internet is the free availability of good media. while it is unbelievably convenient to find it all in one place (such as the lovely textfiles.com), it is also a marvelous idea for it to be other places as well. Who knows, some kid might come across the video hosted somewhere else before he ever has any kind of knowledge about the hacker community or textfiles.com
  13. sweet, i loooooove test messages in other languages! thanks for the new numbers, m3metix!
  14. well, if you feel like a 2 hour drive, you can always come check out HackDuluth
  15. only one way to find out! /me calls droops...
  16. not totally clear, only the door is clear. all one would have to do if engaging in shady activity within the booth would be to turn thier back to the door and do whatever they're doing in front of them.
  17. while i think that the concept is cool, and the lack of the annoying guy sitting behind me in the cafe talking very loudly about giving his dog a haircut (yes, i'm talking about YOU, asshole. stop shoulder surfing), i really don't see these getting used very much. the big point of cellphones is convenience. if someone gets a call, they're not going to excuse themselves to go stand in a tube. it's human nature that people who blabber on cellphones don't give a shit who hears them talk about the rash on thier ass. unless, of course, they realize you can hear them, then you're a dirty eavesdropper! pardon my slightly off-topic rant
  18. no offense meant, but jeffrey, you don't have to put 2 spaces in between each line that you type.... anywho, nwbell, you continue to amaze me with the fun stuff you do
  19. well, you've gotten me curious now. care to PM me the numbers?
  20. but sadly not all of us can, myself included. i can either get the row correct, or the column correct, but very rarely can i get both.
  21. saint peter: as far as commands go, you might consider using a combination of * followed by two numbers. maybe. i know nothing.
  22. unfortunately, it turns out i'm not going to be able to make it this time. I'll leave this as an open call to one of the mods to take over the thread. and for the record, i do expect those of you who have my phone number to call me when you're all drunk and whatnot.
  23. question: if someone was to whistle off wawena, what would they hear in response?
  24. well, it seems that they just got the site up, and there isn't any info on it yet. but the con is at the beginning of june, so i thought it would be a good idea to get a head start on organizing a meet-up. anyone going? CarolinaCon.org Coming P(?)NYB(?)Y Telcobob H5N1 (& friends) HeX01101 phreakblaze Maybe Coming mesa murd0c I-baLL discard