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  1. i can't figure out is if 5 means good or bad in thier rating system...
  2. ok, i more than realize this isn't really phreaking, per se. But it is phone related and quite interesting to me. A group of professors at a university near me has been doing a study regarding the effects of different hold music on the human brain. check it out: http://www.gsu.edu/21957.html
  3. looks like someone could use some PWF
  4. many, if not all, of the daily defaults are up on textfiles.com
  5. due to money issues it's not looking like i'll be able to make it (unless someone has some spare space to let me sleep for free). Hopefully things are going to start looking up soon so i can make it up there and help the rest of the infonomicon guys with our top secret project.
  6. hey stank, if you liked the waffle house grilled cheese at interz0ne, you'll love the grilled cheese at the TA truckstop in nashville
  7. nice natas! finally something for me to do on that long drive to work! Also, thanks for tossing BCR up on there. If I ever get off my ass and start doing new episodes i'll give you a heads up
  8. i'll add you to the list
  9. i'll put you down on the maybe list
  10. well, she did have lucky225's number in her phone book last time i checked
  11. HippyVanMan, i'm going to assume you've never driven a plane. as far as reasons for having an access point, perhaps they weren't using an internet connection at all. it's very possible that the train broadcasts a wireless signal and they have recievers at various point along the track. that way it is possible to tell where a train is on the track and avoid collisions.
  12. hope this helps http://audio.textfiles.com/shows/geeklove/
  13. Both would be interpreted with no connection to hacking at all though...cracker ass cracker! yeah, in retrospect "proud to be a self-righteous cracker" sounds like a Klan sticker
  14. which sounds better for a bumper sticker "proud to be a cracker with no sense of humor" or "proud to be a self-righteous cracker"?
  15. looks like that'll be my first stop when i get into town
  16. congratulations on post #10. I'd like to go ahead and request that you not make posts like this ever again. This thread is designed for people to discuss if they'll be attending a convention or not, and posts here (as well as in every other thread) should reflect on that topic. Are you planning on coming to the con?
  17. phizone, where is this white castle you speak of?
  18. cessna, i'll go ahead and put you in the maybe category
  19. already ahead of you. http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22133
  20. ... because it's not funny at all. The reason you find it hilarious is because you made it. they are your jokes. I'm sure in some way, carrot top thinks he is funny. that doesn't mean that everyone else thinks he's funny.
  21. i'm definately volunteering, hopefully you guys won't drag me out to eat sushi in the middle of my shift, though. i had to pay for my shirt last year! pay MONEY!!! but we're definately going to have to hit that sushi place back up this time and get some more natto!
  22. my honest opinion: not that entertaining.
  23. what do you mean by licensing and modification? i'm not really clear on what you're asking.
  24. personally, i would define hacker media as:
  25. hey folks, i'm working on a little electronics project and i've got a question. I know that one AA battery gives of about 1.5 volts. How much voltage do the other kinds of batteries (C's, D's, etc) give? I don't need to know 9 volts, though, thanks