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  1. wow, i never thought i'd say this.... sw1tchbl4de was right. wtf was I thinking quoting the wrong post? What I meant to quote was That was a great show, I listened to all of them a couple months ago. And yeah the cmd radio feed works and its in iTunes
  2. You should offer the Irongeek.com Thong to attach the ladies... Chicks dig guys who review hardware based keyloggers http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?sho...mp;hl=cafepress glad someone enjoyed it
  3. swallow me with her vagina.
  4. BCR was a pretty awful show I used to do about a year ago.
  5. unethical? perhaps. the way things are? yep. if you don't like the way things are, there are ways to go about getting things changed. However, by using the email system, you grant them permission to monitor you any time they see fit. If you check your TOS, you'll probably find it there, plain and simple. Do I think that the fact that they do this is super awesome? no, I don't. However, it is how it is.
  6. I do agree that there is a fine line between having enough humor, and too much humor. Content is what makes hacker radio different than any old random show out there, but if you stay strictly business about the contect, it gets terribly boring.
  7. do you happen to not know of any kind of info to back up that claim? I'd be interested in not researching a bit further...
  8. If there's one thing I learned from doing BCR, it is that people like rants and raunchy humor. These are your first episodes, so you are expected to be a bit nervous and a bit unsure of how to carry yourself. However, once you get the hang of things, don't be afraid to just shoot the shit sometimes. So far the show sounds good and I can tell you guys have potential.
  9. for the record, I'd like to state that not everyone in Georgia is a fucking moron who would eat poison. But, this lady is obviously the exception to that statement.
  10. Ok, I realize this isn't phreaking. But I thought it was badass, and it's related to telephones. I found a very interesting set of sculptures online made completely from phones and phone cords. anyone else got any cool phone art?
  11. nice, I-Ball. I didn't realize there were more pictures of them out there.
  12. thanks cl41re!
  13. I would have to agree on the prediction of abuse. That's just something that is unavoidable with spoofing services, unfortunately.
  14. I'm going to attempt to make it back this year. It all depends on how my work schedule looks at that time.
  15. we still have a good amount of time before the con, but it is coming! I know i'll be there, and i know that we'll be having a meet-up that weekend. who is planning on attending that wants to come to the meet-up? GOING P(?)NYB(?)Y tehbizz droops Irongeek TelcoBoob Al Strowger y0rii kn1ghtl0rd Lowtek phizone Dosman Zach rEph fourohone AngelOfMercy regret KrypticKen MAYBE GOING doug cessna ic0n
  16. as ugly as that thing is, i want to have it. damn me and my affection for novelty telephones!
  17. hell yes! i missed the old BBS, beave! I'm going to have to remember my password so i can come be 1337 and trade some box plans or something
  18. seems to work of for me, aghaster. Although, I must say, these videos aren't all that good.
  19. my MP3 player is loaded with nothing but RFA, a random collection of binrev, and all the episodes of my old show (to share with others, i don't much care to listen to myself talk for hours on end)
  20. worked for me using the example number they have on the site. interesting stuff. But yeah, I see this getting abused and closed down in a very quick fashion.
  21. apparently you're not the only one who is glad they caleld it the iPhone, natas. looks like Cisco is suing them for trademark infringement
  22. i must say, visually it is the sex.
  23. i'd be willing to bet money that this thread inspires some journalist to write another article about 'hackers eavesdropping on voip calls'
  24. that's what i figured, but figured it best to clarify before i gave us a bad ranking