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  1. just resent everything. let me know if you recieve it please.
  2. just out of curiousity.. natas, have you gotten the last few emails i've sent you? I submitted a bunch of crap but i haven't heard a yes or no back..
  3. well, i started testing out the numbers and found that all of f0n3z are indeed one off. ic0ns are accurate as far as i can tell...
  4. well, i prefer to scan from my landline whenever i am doing local scans, but i usually end up using my cell as i do alot of my scans in the car or other various places that aren't my house. and plus i got free long distance on the cell.
  5. all of the ones i tested, so at least most of f0n3z's half
  6. just to let you know... the scan recently submitted by ic0n and f0n3z isn't totally accurate. they have 800-440-0001 listed as some guy, when it is really the law offices of ashcraft (which is listed as 0002 on the scan), and so on. P(?)NYB(?)Y
  7. i just don't know what to say... /me sends picture
  8. damn... beat me to the bumhole comment...
  9. well, if any decent fast food places had offers like this, i'd be all over it. But as far as i know, Krystal doesn't have any phone cards... P(?)NYB(?)Y
  10. try this... you should really try looking at the forums first... P(?)NYB(?)Y
  11. well, this is just another reason for me to deal with terrible food and terrible service... i'll be heading to burger king tomorrow! P(?)NYB(?)Y
  12. i'll have a few more scans done fairly soon for you as well... P(?)NYB(?)Y
  13. phreaking* </strom carlson> anyways, you might also want to check out my website for some further phreaking phun. www.st0rage.org P(?)NYB(?)Y
  14. i like that one as well, or this one http://stromcarlson.com/misc/tshirt/phreak5.gif P(?)NYB(?)Y
  15. i recently came across a pretty good book called "telecom crash course" by steven shephard. it basically gives a bit of info on every aspect of telephony i can think of. however, it doesn't go into alot of things in detail. keep learning, keep teaching, keep hacking fun P(?)NYB(?)Y
  16. send it to me to, if you don't mind. sounds like an awesome scan. keep learning, keep teaching, keep hacking fun P(?)NYB(?)Y
  17. indeed, if this is still in circulation, i'd love to be on the list as well. keep learning, keep teaching, keep hacking fun P(?)NYB(?)Y
  18. This is a site run by me and a few friends of mine. the main focus is phreaking and genereal telephony, but also some programming and other fun hacking nonsense! so check us out at www.st0rage.org. Keep learning, keep teaching, keep hacking fun. P(?)NYB(?)Y
  19. whats happened to the site? P(?)NYB(?)Y