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  1. Where? I think it's about time to start writing letters in secret codes! zebra E6B4E2 E5E6D6 E2E2D5 A3
  2. well, I know we don't have any members registered on the forums with the name "evolution", but if you provide us with the IP (feel free to PM it to me or one of the other mods) we'lldo our best to track down the problem user and help you if we can.
  3. Them: "Linux is dead." You: "No it isn't" Them: "uh huh" You: "nooooo!" SMARTEST. DEBATE. EVAR. I'm not saying I agree with what he said, but not a single post so far in this thread has given any valid points to the contrary.
  4. keep in mind that it might not be an actual note the recorder was designed to play, but one of the ear-bleeding squeels you can make it produce if you play it incorrectly.
  5. Atlanta here. calling the first one got me a code of 404. the second number gives me a CBCAD message
  6. also, i thought i'd double post to admit that the true reason I'm not paying for this HoAP. Unfortunately, they don't let me on planez because they know I got snakes and shit. I'm like BOOM MOTHERFUCKER! ok, ok, i'm sorry for that....
  7. true, you could. however, speaking from experience, nothing compares to the experience of going to a good convention. Every con I have been to has taught me more things than I've ever been able to learn online, and I've made good friends. Sure, I could've spent that money on buying some fancy hardware (or paying off loans, which is really needed), but the con experience is worth 10 times what any piece of hardware can give you. Don't underestimate it.
  8. wow, prices have dropped down that much? That's a fucking steal!
  9. i'm sure many people here would disagree...
  10. the operating telco will usually be listed somewhere on the payphone itself. have you thoroughly read the faceplates?
  11. you definitely won't be disappointed. Notacon3 was the greatest con experience I've had in my history of going to hacker cons. I doubt I'll be able to make it, but if I do I'll be calling one of you randomly when I get into town!
  12. not intending for this to come off as a flame, but what was the point of posting this? I applaud your effort of playing tones into a telephone, but your comment offers no useful information relevent to the original post.
  13. and he's going to be wearing women's clothes! wait, what?
  14. indeed, I used to have communication with them at least once a month up until the last issue was put out. haven't heard a thing from Zach since.
  15. Yeah, I can help pay for gas. We still have a few months to decide whats going down though, so plenty of time. indeed, like I stated before, I'll throw (literally) gas money at whoever drives. Again, I'm still up in the air about if I can attend or not, The Fall is shaping up to be pretty busy for me this year.
  16. riscphree: you live in atlanta? I might be able to make it out to this, depending on how job stuff looks at that time. I'm in atlanta as well. I don't really have a car to offer, but if carpooling is offered I will help pay for gas if I can go.
  17. we were all there, we just kept really quiet so you would leave
  18. stick it to 'em, dual!
  19. oh, right, forgot this part... topic closed.
  20. So, what you're telling us so far is: A. you want help illegally "breaking in" to a forum B. you have "no malicious intent", though you intend to gather information to give you an unfair advantage over other players of some game C. you are too lazy to actually learn how to write html And (although you didn't actually say this, just an observation...) D. you used one of the quotes used during the classroom scene in the movie hackers because you thought it would make you look cool. His name is Ozzy, not Ossy. Cheating at a video game is not what hacking is all about. Hacking would be actually learning how to write the html and learn how this login system works. Instead, you only say that you are "no good". nobody here is going to write your 1337 break in script, so don't bother. and for the record:
  21. I'd also highly recommend following the advice in your own signature. Moving this to NubieHQ
  22. do you have a GPS device you'll be hooking up to the rig, or are you just going to be scanning blindly?
  23. banned. are you still having fun with this, sw1tch?
  24. i'm no asterisk guru or anything, but if you post more details about what you're trying to do, i'm sure someone here can help answer your questions.
  25. Agreed, but thats true for all shows, every season one of every hacker radio show is embarrassing. Hell you should listen to the first couple binrevs. for example: see post #24