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  1. MCP, if you can get me some payphones from any stores wal-mart owns, as well as any other information on them, especially how the heirarchy of ownership is laid out, i'll definately try to get it into the next release.
  2. what's the point in the file? wal-mart is a large corporation with an unbelievable amount of fun technology to explore. They have payphones at every store, many of which accept incoming calls. Phreaks can use these to get in touch with other phreaks. Besides, it's just plain fun to hack and phreak wal-mart. What's the point in me releasing updates? Because it is a project the whole community can get behind, contribute to, and make better. It is a wonderful piece of work that deserves to be saved from death.
  3. thanks everyone for the quick response to the call for help!
  4. we have no listed numbers from the following states. if you have a Wal-Mart nearby, please lend a hand. Alabama Alaska Arkansas (someone please hit up store #1 in Rogers) Colorado Deleware Indiana Kansas Kentucky Maine Nebraska Nevada New York Rhode Island South Dakota Utah Vermont Washington Washington D.C. Wisconsin Wyoming
  5. natas: it's called a cleverly planned distraction. "hey look at this cellular merger while we silently slip behind you and merge with your local telcos" It is very important to remember that phone companies (much like members of the wu-tang clan) form like voltron. And who doesn't love voltron? to sum it up, the new AT&T will be a giant robot that will kici everythings ass.
  6. I guess i can go ahead and make the announcement now that we will be giving away a free phone card (probably MCI, not sure about the how many minutes) to whoever sends in the best audio clip of a call to the santa monica payphone. I'll officailly announce how many minutes the card will have on the next episode of BCR. please send any clips to BellCoreRadio [@] gmail [dot] com and m2mike, glad you could get something good out of the show
  7. evil1: no, logic IS on these forums, but using XlogicX. now i must ask that you please not take this any farther off-topic. /me nudges us back on topic and edits the list to include the 2 new maybes.
  8. i'm not sure if it's available nation-wide or just locally, but you should check out VoiceEclipse. unlimited calls, 2 lines, for somewhere around 12-ish bucks a month ($50 start-up fee)
  9. Most of you know i do a weekly radio show called BellCoreRadio. I was hoping to talk to someone about getting it put on the HackRadio stream. i went to ddphackradio.org and found no contact info. Who do i need to speak to about this?
  10. 10-4. and thanks.
  11. i think it is safe to say RFA is for the most part responsible for 99% of hacker radio shows today. thanks dual, rax, bland, merichan, meme, stank, mute, and all the others who had a part!
  12. any word on this? If you still haven't had a chance to listen, the newest episode (23) is out and available at www.bellcoreradio.net/listen/BCR-023.mp3
  13. awesome, the show is available at BellCoreRadio.net/listen/. (use the ones with the filename 'BCR-xxx') (the site is in need of a re-organization. I'm working on it in what little spare time i have. )
  14. IE has the ability to correct the backward slashes. I don't know why other browsers haven't done the same.
  15. ok, just for organizations sake, i'm compiling a list of 'goings' or 'maybes'. If this is inacurate in any way, let me know and i'll change it. GOING Jason Scott Bizurke ic0n luminaire droops riscphree P(?)NYB(?)Y Irongeek Kn1ghtl0rd mesa MAYBE freek tehbizz d3fault Majest|c mnchur
  16. irongeek: would this be worth the drive from georgia?
  17. if no one ever fought back about anything, we'd be british. (and AT&T would be BT&T, i guess)
  18. i'm going to give a firm maybe. (leaning more towards yes). all depends on the date.
  19. I barely made it home in time from Hackduluth to catch the tail end of the show. What I heard was good thing. nice work guys!
  20. Suse, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu. right up my alley.
  21. it's 45Mbps. not 80
  22. sounds good, arby. i'll definately have to give it a listen.
  23. ok, since i don't usually drive out in the tucker area, i'm relying on google maps to find out what is within reasonable distance. what would you guys prefer? map of nearby restaurants
  24. i recently got a new job doing computer repair at an insurance company )which shall remain un-named). anywho, i show up for work today and one of my fellow hackers/co-workers informs me that the telecommunications department is throwing out a bunch of thier old stuff, and that he got permission for both of us to go salvage whatever we want out the garbage pile before they threw it out. here's what I got: > 2 2500 phones, one with external speaker (they had about 30 of these things going out) > a TTY > a shitload of documents about AT&T voicemail systems and other various systems > another random office phone > what appears to be a PCI board for interfacing with a phone network > a 20-jack rj-11 terminal to connect to the card i just mentioned and some other random bits and pieces of stuff. (pics to come)
  25. Abtruse: drinking alot of caffeine before a show is probably one of the worst bits of advice you can give for podcasting. Caffeine causes you to rush your speaking, which makes it slurred and very inaudible. The best advice I've found I got out of Podcasting Hacks from O'Reilly: Warm Lemon Tea. works wonders for the radio voice. as for music, i think it is really up to the hosts personal preference. I listen to a wide variety of music, and i try to reflect that in the intro/outro music on BellcoreRadio.