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  1. It is possible they are using MAC access control. This would mean they could tell the router to disable internet access for all machines except for machines with certain MAC addresses they have chosen.
  2. In my experience aireplay-ng needed no configuration. That was Linux though.
  3. I personally use Facebook. Facebook, while it does have it's annoyances, is a great place for meeting girls.
  4. If its docking station has a serial interface, you can use it to telnet/ssh into devices.
  5. Yes, but there is a big difference between high-voltage power lines and household appliances.
  6. That looks horribly dangerous..
  7. Probably zero, since emissions are close to zero in almost every piece of home electronics. Wrong bozo. The EM fields generated by electronic appliances, in particular cathode ray tubes, are VERY strong. They drop away rapidly from the source but that's not the same thing as "emissions are close to zero" anything within one and a half feet or so of a TV, monitor, or most other electronic appliances will be within a strong field. Except that guy has LCDs. Nice try.
  8. In Oakville, Ontario the police use Panasonic Toughbooks running XP.
  9. You are a god among men.. ;P
  10. Did you just make up bullshit terms?
  11. How can data be worth $10k?
  12. Call your ISP as was said previously. If they are blocking it, you can't do shit.
  13. And now he is just ignoring this thread. Nice.
  14. Awesome
  15. What the hell is that supposed to be? You FAIL.