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  1. 501

    Not much to tell just yet. Just 1 meeting so far with 6 people there. A few more meetings should give us an idea of sustainability and attendee numbers...
  2. 501

    I'll be there on Nov. 17th...
  3. 5th HOPE Hacker Radio presentation > Hackermedia > Binrev
  4. As mentioned earlier in this thread, you could get a digium knock off for 10 bucks and an ATA. I bought a clone and I'm glad I don't depend on it to communicate. Don't buy the clone, unless it's just to play with. My question for strom is: Wouldn't the TDM01B and an iaxy be a better solution? I know it cost $25 or so more, but it seems like it would give you a lot more flexibility in the long run.
  5. Best way to learn to pick is to pick up a few locks and pick them repeatedly, then re-pin and do it again. Reading is great, but it's all theory until you get your hands on the picks and learn to feel the pins set. The video and audio links at might help though... If you go with Southord picks, be sure to get the european picks. I agree with getting to know locksmiths if you have a friendly one in your area. However, I'm pretty sure that lockpicks are NOT illegal to possess in Arkansas. When I first started, I searched through the arkansas code and found very few references to locksmithing. Only pay grades for state employment as an institutional locksmith and a section on taxable services... As far as I can tell Arkansas doesn't have any kind of certifying process for locksmiths like some states do. Which is to say, you can take the Foley/Belsaw course (or not) and start working as a locksmith with no state certification. Just like most every other state though there are laws about possession of instruments of crime. So if you're busting into someone's property with the picks (or a screwdriver for that matter) you can be charged with that in addition to B&E. If I'm wrong and you can find Arkansas code that makes picks illegal, I'd really like to know about it. Here's what it says about instruments of crime:
  6. The folks in the library at the college I work at arranged a phone display through a local collector. I took a few pictures, but I must apologize for the quality, since I was shooting the pictures through the glass and in a hurry. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go back when the owner of the phones is there so I can shoot them with the glass doors out of the way. Anyway, the pictures are in the infonomicon gallery:
  7. 501

    Looks like we try again. Friday, September 15th around 19:00 at Park Plaza Mall in the food court area... This will be our last chance for a binrev meeting until November, since October falls on Phreaknic weekend.
  8. On Broadway... Not too far from the hotel. Check out:
  9. 501

    How about Friday, the 18th around 19:00 at Park Plaza Mall in the food court area...
  10. 7 pins shouldn't be too bad assuming there are no security pins, but this should not be the first lock you pick... As minion said, get a cheap 5 pin deadbolt like kwikset and work your way up... I doubt something as cheap as a bankbag has security pins and even if it does, it's probably only spooled driver pins so it's fairly easy to overcome once you understand how these pins feel. The biggest problem I've had with 7 pin locks is having a pick with a shaft narrow enough to reach the back pins without false setting the front pins. Good luck...
  11. I'll be there again this year... Hackers, beer, White Castle, beer, tacos, beer; How could you go wrong?
  12. 501

    That's ok, the other guy had something come up and cancelled, so maybe we can figure out a place in Little Rock and try that next month on binrev meeting day...
  13. 501

    Yeah, that's a pretty long drive. I'm about a half-hour SW of Benton... We should figure out a place not too far into Little Rock that would even out the driving distances and put it closer to the population center... That's the bad thing about 501. It's very spread out... If you can't make it tomorrow(or even if you can), pop into #infonomicon on freenode. If I'm not at work, I'm usually in there...
  14. 501

    Me and another guy are meeting at the Hastings in Benton Friday night at 7:00 to discuss the possibility of getting meetings started in the area. Come on down and let's see what we can figure out...
  15. For those who haven't noticed the notacon radio stream is up at: They're taking calls via skype username notaconradio...