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  1. I was Googling for my local telephone exchanges and I stumbled across a wealth of handbooks, reports and other interesting documents on the BT Openreach site. Things I've found worthy of note so far: BT LLU Plan & Build Product Handbook (PDF) includes exchange floor plans, equipment installations, overview of rackmount equipment and photos BT LLU Faults & Repairs interesting insight into how BT works with third party providers and how faults are tracked Sub-loop Unbundling Product more insight into how the last mile is implemented Most of it is probably not new to seasoned phreaks but I found a lot of it fascinating to read.
  2. In - Identification The modem reports to the DTE the requested result according to the command parameter. I0 Reports product code (e.g., "14400"). I1 Reports pre-computed checksum from ROM (e.g., "007"). I2 Computes checksum and compares it with value stored in ROM. Reports result as OK or ERROR. I3 Reports firmware revision (VX.XXX)-model code (A = 64K US, B = Reserved, C = 128K US, D = 128K W-Class, E = 64K W-Class), interface type (S = serial; P = parallel) , and MCU model (29 = C29; 39 = C39) (e.g., "V1.297-CS29"). I4 Reports OEM defined identifier string (e.g., "RC96ACL") in either Hayes-compatible binary format (default) or ASCII format (selectable by ConfigureACE). I5 Reports Country Code parameter (e.g., "022"). I6 Reports modem data pump model and internal code revision (e.g, RC144DPL Rev CE). Result Codes: OK n = 0 to 6. ERROR Otherwise. Source: google cache Edit: Casi0wned's link to the AT command set for Rockwell chipsets is probably better than my source http://www.56k.com/inits/rockwell.pdf
  3. I have a butane portable iron and it works great. Bought for wiring car audio too, now I keep it in my trunk as an indispensable tool. I've only used it for short periods at a time, it does eat up the butane though and needs filling regularly. I'm not sure about the quality and lifetime of the thing, I haven't had it long enough, but treat it with respect and it's perfectly safe (e.g. the heating element is exposed with a semi-naked flame. Don't go poking it anywhere flammable. Obviously )
  4. The headline (theregister.co.uk) caught my attention but the story rambles on about flying cars and contains no references. I wondered how close to rolling out this really is. It caught my attention because of my obsession with UAVs, or rather law enforcement's obsession. There are already police forces in the UK trialling UAVs as a cheaper and safer way of pursuing armed robbers, stolen cars, suspected stolen cars, Mrs. Robinson forgot her last insurance payment, general surveillance incase anyone breaks the law, etc etc. Walking down the high street today I was on at least 40 CCTV cameras. Having the skies filled with UAVs keeping an eye out for 'terrorists' worries me. My saving grace was that it is logistically impossible to keep that many UAVs in the sky in an urban area. Until now, apparently. The application is horrific on it's own, nevermind the security implications of a networked fleet of drones taking 'high priority' ATC orders from a central location. I despair -.-
  5. I've attached the ETSI TS 100 901 specification which I believe is what you're looking for. Special SMS Message Indication starts on page 65 and covers voice mail, faxes, e-mails and "other" message notification flags. It also explains how UDH fits into the protocol layers. I'll be honest though, it confuses the hell out of me Maybe I haven't spent the time to pour through it, it's not exactly light reading. ts_100901v070500p.pdf
  6. There's plenty of voice changers or morphers available as BSDfan says (such as VoiceChanger - caution horrifying link, for $99 it 'promises' to support the features you need). They are simplistic at best. It depends on the application I suppose. If you mean deconstructing spoken syllables and inflection then computer generating it in someone else's voice on the fly .. I have no idea if that's openly available? I'd like to know too.
  7. You're right, maybe my design is too sluggish and heavy. I don't fancy a thwack on the nose by something at 3600rpm though. If it's that light could it be mounted to the user's head/hat/cap? Wearable computing with 360deg 3D vision, guaranteed only to thwack other people
  8. I imagined a good LiPo battery mounted at the center of the arm. keeping it as a single unit makes the project simpler to make in my opinion. Maybe massive magnets to induce current in the arms moving across their fields On the way home I thought perhaps 4 arms would be needed to keep a constantly-refreshed image in whichever direction you're looking. And for data purposes bluetooth (sparkfun.com) isn't overly expensive. For safety though I can't think of a sensor fast enough to detect an obstruction when the arms are rotating quickly. An accelerometer could cut power if the arms hit something but that would be somewhat late. Unfortunately I've packed everything up as I'm moving apartment at the weekend. This is one of those rare moments I want to get the soldering iron out!
  9. Awesome idea! I might suggest instead of a counterbalance simply replicating the display on the other side of the arm too. This means it wouldn't have to spin as fast to keep the "image" in front of you. Also if you flip the drive motor so the main unit is also on the arm, the arm can be a self-contained unit requiring no wires to the outside world. *thinks about this on the way home*
  10. Apologies, I misread the original post as $500 Thanks for the additional information though, I'm glad I asked.
  11. I've always used Ethereal/Wireshark to sniff with the "follow TCP stream" feature to see the full HTTP request/response. I haven't tried writing it to a file though. Maybe that helps a bit. Edit: Quoted the question relevant to my reply
  12. It would? I deal in cash all the time for security and privacy. What with rent, bills, salary and so forth I often deposit/withdraw more than that from various accounts each month. Abnormal sure, but suspicious and worthy of flagging?
  13. Unsworn Industries/Unsworn Telecom (based in Malmö, Sweden) introduces The Telemegaphone! A wind powered megaphone on top of the Bergskletten mountain overlooking the idyllic Dalsfjord in Western Norway. "Anyone can dial the Telemegaphone’s phone number and have the sound of their voice projected out across the fjord, the valley and the village of Dale." I love it
  14. I agree and I'm a PHP fan If it's for a 2600 site and I needed something fast I'd stick with flat HTML files, maybe using server-side includes or Apache config for templating. Oldskool is cool you know.
  15. I write LAMP applications and one day I'd like to offer them as a hosted service (SaaS). Privacy and security come as a huge responsibility and I wouldn't feel confident without someone sitting over my shoulder saying "Sanitize that", "FFS never do that", "Have you thought of a different career" etc. How does someone even begin to choose a security expert? How does pricing work? Giving someone database access and cash makes me nervous, but without it I might be unwittingly offering database access to the world Advice from the whitehat crew very much appreciated. I'm not touting for business but I want to learn how the process works before I attempt it.