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  1. Ive used echolink in some contests and there is something to be said for the clear communications. Its simply another form of communicating, which is the heart of ham radio.
  2. How are these any different that using the white pages? just the map?
  3. Don't worry about the insulation...it doesn't affect signal strength and will actually protect the wire from corrosion, etc. edit:Ignore this since it only applies to lower frequencies...my bad
  4. Im getting anxious for the next sun cycle..... when 10 meters opens up we're gonna have a ball!
  5. Let's say i want to so some anonymous work at a local coffee shop,do something illegal, and they log my MAC address. My question is: How is the MAC tracked back to you personally?
  6. In my mind it kind of played out like this: Get in, get out, never return. By the time the attack was traced back...you're long gone. Anyways, thanks for the opinions guys.
  7. Right...but why would they think to come to that specific person in the first place? In a crowded coffee house with tons of people coming through everyday?
  8. Meatphones? http://www.virtualvillage.com/items/item.a...medium=shopping
  9. geez...i have so many ham/shortwave radio lying around. Unfortunetly i live in an apartment with horrid TVI and other electrical noise. my current radio for shortwave listening :
  10. Even though Ive been using the internet for some time, I'm still behind in all the cool stuff. Usenet is probably the only thing i havent explored yet.