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  1. No high speed anything for this project... They just want to run internet to their barn and be able to use the printers in each building from the other. I figure I'll come up with some figures for either burying a line or running a cable... I'll attempt to explain it to them both ways and let them decide. But for now I have school work so they are going to have to wait a week or so before I can do anything for them.
  2. After changing my search terms around for the hundredth time and going through who knows how many pages of information I think I've found the information for what I can do with the two WRT54G routers from my above post. Howto Wireless Bridge with DD-WRT. Thanks for the help people I guess I just needed a place to post what I've thought of so far. So after I start this process I'll see about doing a write up of what I've done and posting it so the info is available here for someone who might need it in the future. But that will not be for a few weeks.
  3. I was thinking of doing something like that. I figured that two of the same routers, the Linksys WRT54G, and set the one in the barn as an access point to pick up the signal from the first in the house. Then I could just connect to the wired ports for the computer(s) in the barn. Which I am thinking that would be the cheapest and most effective method for them right now. It would allow additional ports so if she upgraded her business and included more computers she would be set for now.
  4. So I got a call this morning and a friend of my aunt wants my help for a project. She has a barn about 100ft away from her house and she wants to have internet out there and connected to the network so she can use the printer in the house from there and the printer in the barn from the house. She has a t-shirt making business and it is set up in the barn now I guess. They wanted me to do this for them but I'm not quite sure how I should go about doing this. As far as I know it is only one computer in the barn but I don't have all the details yet. I was doing some research and I think that a shielded ethernet cable would be best to go from the house to the barn so they don't have to worry about any problems when it comes to wifi issues if I'm not around to help fix it. However if they have more than one computer in the barn then I would have to have a hub there so then wifi might be better to just have a access point in the barn but then I might have to get some antennas that would cross the gap and keep a stable connection instead of the standard ones that come on most home wifi routers. So my question for you people would be what is your opinion on this matter? I'd need about 150 feet of shielded cable which is under the 100meter limit I've read for ethernet. I'm not sure of the budget for it yet either but I'd say they want to be as cheap as possible. As soon as I get the rest of the details from them I'll update this post. Thanks for any help and information.
  5. if you have firefox you can get an extension called DownloadThemAll. allows you to download all the files that you want on the current page. You would have to go into each directory but it would be quicker than doing it one at a time.
  6. I live on UT campus...
  7. I should get some things on mine. I've got a one gig and I have papers that I have to print off and currently working on for school. Code to take from class to dorm and back. It all takes up about 10 megs maybe...
  8. I like reading any book I can get my hands on... They all provide some info for you just depends on how much is good and/or new for you. But above refrences have been nice. I kinda like Silence on the Wire. It is pretty cool and can get a little complex.
  9. I've got a copy of Nintendo monopoly... its cool. I love the little pieces I like to play as Link's shield.
  10. As far as the store idea you could see about contacting websites that already sell stuff related to BinRev to have them make and sell items with the BR logo. It might attract more people too. You could always contact ThinkGeek, Jinx, or
  11. I really liked part two also. Also the Flower and Viagra one was pretty cool.
  12. For the LED problems I just put tape and a piece of paper over the buttons where the light comes from. I mainly use the hotkeys, I double tap scroll lock and then up or down to cycle to the next/previous one. It works just fine for me because I've only got a two port KVM. Mine was not very expensive either, two ports for 25 with shipping I believe. I would have paid probably 30 for it because it defiantly works well. When I get some more computers I will defiantly upgrade to a justcom 4 or 8 port KVM next time.
  13. I got a justcom KVM from newegg. It works nicely, the only problem i have is the LEDs on it are super bright, but it works nicely. I've never had any problems with it on my linux box. They have 2, 4, and 8 ports that I know of, plus ones that also do sound swiching. And the sound is separate so you can have box one with sound, but use box 2 or 3 without interrupting the sound from box 1.
  14. I saw some pics of one somewhere and I believe that it is a regular DS or maybe a DS lite with a game card inserted that has all the demos on it. But I've never seen them hands on so I can not say for sure, if I find the article or pictures I'll get put them up here for you.
  15. I did not create this, but its very cool. Google Music, Ebook, and Video Searches.