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  1. Thats a really good / broad general question. I like your style for being so bold and stepping into these choppy waters like you did. I've found bucket of valuable information here. It has tutorials and videos on different things. [Offensive Link removed by Moderating Staff --Seal]
  2. Tor is a good concept but... As mentioned before it is slow, because your making about 4 or so hops. Another reason Tor is not that great is because of security issues. Example. If someone sets up a Tor node to monitor network activity, then most your information is as at risk. And that person would not be "anonymous" at all. You get what you pay for...
  3. Not really, you just mount them. Also, your kernel has to support NTFS read if you want to "view" an NTFS partition. (I know the Ubuntu one does) Not necessarily... fuse-ntfs-3g is much better than the crappy implementation in the Linux kernel. Well what I was thinking along those lines is that you could also setup a program to autorun on startup through Linux. So when the box is booted any sort of application can be executed.
  4. I'm sorry guys, I was not aware that Orphcrack was actually a version of Linux. It is pretty impressive too. I'm sure there is many more possibilities viewing a NTFS with Linux though... :devil:
  5. I'm looking for the how to of the Linux part. I know about different tools that can do it, thats not what I'm looking into. I'm going to BT3 right now and trying it.
  6. That answer didn't make sense to me... but thanks
  7. Hi again, I was pondering something the other day. I'm hoping someone with some expertise can shed some light on this theory I had. In theory lets say I own COMPUTER A is a Windows XP / Vista box. Now I changed the password and forgot that password to COMPUTER A, so that I no longer have access past the login screens. So what I want to do is recover data off this Windows box (photos, applications, documents) that I can't get into anymore. NOW What I'm thinking about is this... I have a flash drive that holds any bootable Linux distribution. I'll use BT3 as an example. Now I'm booted to Backtrack 3 off my USB. While running this am I able to access that primary harddrive that has Windows stored to it so that I may be able to recovery my documents and whatever? It has to be possible, but I'm still a little wet behind the ears and I was seeing what you guys think. I know there are different ways of reacquiring you logins, but thats not what I'm really focused on.
  8. Hey guys, I'm mad! Real mad! I wanted to download the latest release of bo2k for legitimate remote administration of one of my pc's and sure enough the "file is not found" AGAIN. Its ALWAYS missing. I'm fuckin sick of this discrimination of computer tools. Can someone help me out or aid me in where I can find this program or perhaps a better substitute?
  9. According to my professor, she says that we will not be able to cover all the materials needed to successfully take the exam. But my though is... I want to take the exam when the actual Linux textbook is still fresh in my mind. I'm not sure how soon I will be taking another Linux class.
  10. yeah the linux+ certification. I'm in a class that teaches linux right now. It's great, but I don't know if our professor is trying to push for the certification. So I might have to go out and do it on my own.
  11. Who here has it? Is it hard? How can you / did you study for it?
  12. Do you know the command to do that by chance?
  13. I right now am in the middle of a Linux class. Very enjoyable IMO. I am learning a vast amount of knowledge. I knew Linux was cool in the first place, but now I'm looking at it a little more in depth with different command lines and options. But one day... One day I was sitting in my class minding my own business and I had the kid in front of me start using the touch command onto my desktop. He was placing random icons and stuff. It wasn't that big of deal. Nothing inappropriate or anything, but I do admit it hurt my ego a tad bit... Here is a little background on our computer setup on what I can tell you. We all have administrative privileges on our small network and we are running fedora8. I determined that he was doing this with SSH commands. If you guys had this knowledge of this situation at your finger tips, how would you take advantage of it? Keep I'm more in a pranking mindset, nothing malicious.
  14. I second that. I own this bible of a book. It's cheaper and much more resourceful than what you'll find elsewhere in the printed book world. My tip is that I would memorize the 7 layers of OSI and the 5 layers of the TCP/IP