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  1. I am not from U.S.A
  2. I got a list of IPv6 tunnel brokers : -
  3. I like to buy one. But the problem is I have no way to send the money. My debit card won't be accepted. I don't have Credit Card
  4. I also believe it is useful, but the spam is making the Usenet less interesting. Maybe a ban of Google Groups will help things a little bit. But it is not very practical. Google itself has to do something about the abusing of their service.
  5. There are free NNTP servers on the IPv6 network that carry binaries. I'd suggest checking them out and get yourself ready for the transition. How can I use an IPv6 service, as I am still on an IPv4 network?
  6. Which Usenet provider are you using for binaries?
  7. Which is more valuable RHCE and other Red Hat certifications, or the ones from LPI? Also, what is the minimum age and qualification you need to have in order to write the exam?
  8. Is that really possible? How can you edit the serial number of HDD, I believe there is no way you can write to HDD chip. Correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Just start a blog at . You can point it to your domain also. OR is also nice.