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  1. does look cool. I had a quick look throughout the pics, and i definitely like the thing, however the big issues ive

    always come across with laptops is the power connector coming away from the board. I've lost count of the times ive had

    to resolder these back to mainboards themselves. just watch i couldnt see what they were like form the pics.

    Please excuse if they are there, its late and night and my brain has gone into shutdown mode.


  2. Ill second ElDiablo. Slackware is the shiznit. Its a very robust system, and i found it great to tinker with.

    Livingded> ill admit i favour a gui nowadays, but i find it very lax that a lot of admins these days can

    only work with gui environments, and most seem to have forgotten about the mighty command line.


  3. FreeBSD is a good system to use, i personally havent used it but OS X which i have used quite a lot is apparently a variant.

    I would recommend slack as we are asking for opinion, but really any flavour of *nix will demonstrate how.

    If your serious about learning OS architecture, i would recommend doing some reading on Operating System construction

    and operating system concepts and theories, as these really help practical knowledge of understanding operating systems.



  4. Yup, I totally agree with PurpleJesus.

    Low level programming knowledge would be a must.

    Something i found helped me a lot at college was Operating System Concepts.

    The class was an entire overview how pieces of an OS fit together and work.

    Really helped me to understand the inherent flaws in the nature of operating systems.



  5. Are you mad? Linux is a much more robust system than 95 or 98 ever was...

    I would agree with you as a simple desktop machine...

    But as a server that runs on older hardware, you cannot go past linux at all.

    However, i run my distro's almost entirely from command line, which without

    a GUI providing overheads, it will run a lot faster than 95 or 98.

    I myself would recommend slack, if a task cant be done from a command line you

    shouldnt be asking your computer to do it.



  6. Judging by my previous experience with ASUS laptops, they are a very robust little machine.

    Ive only ever seen 1 DOA Asus Laptop out of the 50 of so my work has ordered in for customers.

    The only thing i would have real issue with is the hard drive, and if its a standard 2.5 inch ide connection

    and the bus has the addressing capabilities i would tell you to go for it.