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  1. At risk of sounding redundant: Stank, you gotta do what you gotta do, but I hope things go well and you'll be back in here swinging before long. I spent quite a while not paying attention to tech and the like, and the community you and the rest of the DDP put together here actually helped get me enthused about relearning some things, and trying to find something to do. Sure, I haven't thought of much yet, because so many have such neat and cool projects going, but BR resparked my interest, and hopefully I can return the favor one day. You may or may not read this, but hell, all you DDP-folk deserve some thanks. That's all. Peace out, and take care.
  2. Interesting... I may try to go, myself. I've got some friends in Nashville, after all...
  3. The main difference between PAL and NTSC are resolution (PAL is slightly higher resolution) and frame rate (NTSC is 30, PAL is 25). It seems more likely you'd see such things going the other way. Can you send me a short clip or an image or something, so I'll know for sure what you're talking about? I don't think it has anything to do with the formats, but I could be wrong.
  4. Surge, man. Surge.
  5. more to the point is if you don't have one when you get pulled over by the cops you will most likely be arrested, can't be fined since they don't know who you are without your id card, and as thus you will keep it far away from magnets, microwaves, and hammers. Oh, I'll carry their "card"... but if I can make the rfid/whatever stop working (ie if it's actually possible) I guarantee I won't be the only one. Just thinkin'.
  6. And more to the point, can they be wrecked with magnets, microwave ovens, hammers, etc...
  7. Last I checked, Kate was doing stage acting in NYC. I remeber discovering TSS when, shortly after getting cable and switching through channels, I stumbled on ZDTV and wondered who these stiff people were answering computer questions. I grew to like them very much. I admit I often have G4 on as background noise when I'm doing computer stuff; I don't even mind Attack of the Show, since it's not claiming to be TSS anymore.
  8. I admit I got an iPod shuffle, but however sucky it may or may not be, it fit my particular needs (not taking up my time choosing songs unless I want to, and forcing me to experience more than the same songs I already know I like). As the CD/MP3 player combos go, how durable are they? I'd considered getting one but haven't had a personal CD player last more than a year before the motor started going out on it, so I've been a bit leery.
  9. I'm on TMobile, and have been more or less happy with it (though my plan dates back to the Powertel days). They seem to have a lot of options with free long distance of various sorts (whether regional or national) but they do use contracts. I admit I've been using the hell out of their "internet" thing (T-zones) to check email at work and such. There were also the various security issues they've had recently, but I got a letter recently mentioning they were "upgrading" their voice mail system and my phone may not work smoothly with it, blah blah, so maybe they're fixing at least that aspect of it.
  10. It does produce very small files, I'll give it that (I still have an old version of RealProducer somewhere in my backup disks). It has been ages since I've actually seen a web page that uses it that doesn't give other options, though. Some pr0n sites, maybe.
  11. I just sent in an email about this too, but maybe I can save Stank a little airtime with my only other comment about it: It doesn't quite work smoothly with Firefox yet (as far as embedded media) but I'd have to think given Firefox's popularity that they'll fix it sooner rather than later. In the meantime, though, it's something to be aware of. It does work fine with IE, Mozilla Suite (at least through 1.7) and as far as I know, Opera (which my roommates use). [EDIT: Correction, looks like it's okay after all. Mine was a little out of date. Sorry about that.]
  12. Looks like a decent download spped; of course, they're just getting started, too.
  13. This has been considered before, after a fashion.
  14. Yeah, I just saw that post over in Links, and reminded me of the slashdot mention a while back (which I didn't get to look at because it was slashdotted). I've been looking through the FAQs, and it may well be an acceptable option. It would make things easier since I'm all about avoiding excessive bandwidth fees.
  15. I'm guessing this is the proper forum for this question (and imagine it will be moved if it isn't). Some friends and I are plotting doing a show of some sort (exactly what kind of show is still up in the air; if it turns into something tech/sort-of-hackish oriented I'll let you know, but it looks like more general entertainment at the moment) and I'm considering how to deliver the content. On the average, how much bandwidth do yours shows usually burn up from downloads, podcasts, whatever? If I end up needing to rely on external hosting, I'd like some idea what plan rates I should be looking for. Thanks.