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  1. I'm still alive. I didn't die. Butthole still intact. It is possible for a 100 pound geek to survive in a federal pen for 6 years. Don't listen to the nay Sayers. Do what thou heart demand.
  2. I'm currently playing a game called runescape, just intrested, but if any of you know what runescape is? I want to know why people say it's "unhackable" as it was hacked in the year of 06, something call the "fally massacre", why hasn't this game been hacked much before that?
  3. Oh, and thanks for that link, I learned a thing or two from it.
  4. Or you could buy a legitimate copy for roughly 1,200 USD
  5. All your base are belong to us

  6. My home-made simcard reader/writer. It uses a standard D-sub serial port for transferring data, and a 9 volt battery for power. I find some sim cards won't function in particular phone because they are locked to particular phone provider hardware, and when you place it in a different phone that is not from the same provider, the phone rejects it. The phone and the SIM card share a key which allows for the use of the sim card in the phone. (I'm currently working on a method to intercept the message being transferred from the simcard to the phone) As far as cracking SIM card ki's goes, I cannot crack Many V2 SIMCARDs, the security is far greater then that of a V1 SIMCARD. The V2 cards utilize COMP128 hardware encryption algorithim's. V2 cards have failsafes, if you attempt to crack it, it can lock down after a couple of attempts (About 10) I found some cards that will allow 1, maybe 2 powered attempts before they lock down, so when I withdraw the power, and reestablish it, I may again attempt two more times before being locked down. Currently, I'm working with pysim so that I can save all recent attempts, and continue to crack V2 SIMCARDs. Pysim Sourecode Pysim homepage I havn't really worked much on this project lately, but I thought I would share it anyway.
  7. Damn this is a good deal.. http://www.newegg.co...N82E16824236083 (I ordered two of these badboys myself)
  8. maybe idk
  9. I'm going this year, I still need to find someone to share a room with though.
  10. My friend sent me a link to this lol. http://techrepublic.com.com/i/tr/downloads/home/0672327279_chapter_1.pdf How many of you guys have actually read this?
  11. Wow, I'm buying a few of those on saturday! let me know how to set them up!
  12. This will be great, a few zero days are being released for OSX and I'll have a virtrual box to test them out in! hahaha!
  13. I'm with you on this one stank, nobody will ever take our guns. And if they want to try, there will be an army of revolutionist like you to back eachother up. The government will be made aware of what a single man can do when he puts his mind to it.
  14. Damn, that's alot of silver wire, and that shit ain't cheap.
  15. Thread Closed- Information Obtained-
  16. .What did he do exactly...and please don't tell me he guessed some weak password of yours. Plus...take this as learning opportunity to stop wasting your time on WoW and start playing Star Trek Online. Oops, I meant to say Runescape, I don't play World of Warcraft anymore lol. He changed my bank pin in the game, now that's just fucking irritating, because now I have to wait 6 days for it to reset. How he got my password is a whole different story that I'm not going to get into.
  17. Excuse me, some people are actually very good at electronic deduction. This is more than enough information to find "Billy"
  18. He's a man pimp, man pimps do whatever they way.
  19. I need to setup a file server on my home network with my netbook, what's the best linux-based operating system for this? Possibly Pre-configured?
  20. I need to ghost an image of a disk over to my netbook, and then backup the files.
  21. You think farmville is a waist of time, but you have time to spam threads? You're right, I apologize.
  22. Edit; Oh now I see. Thanks!
  23. Fuck Farmville. It's re-re-re-re-ra-ra-ra-ra-re-ra-retardeddddddddd duh
  24. Or...you could.....ask for it. Or have them connect to your ftp server for free pron.
  25. You could ask them for it.