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  1. Thanks! (and yes, I am a father too)

  2. Thanks for the B-Day wishes G3x!

  3. Wish U a Happy B'day N a Happy Father's Day Too! (If u are a father ;))

  4. Happy Birthday

  5. Okay, last time and I'll drop it, swear to Science. First, I don't hate the guy, I have better things to worry about. I think that he's a tool and there are many reasons for that. It's been brought up here a ton of times in the past and I seem to recall Stank saying he really didn't want to see it again, so again; I'll drop it. evoen, sorry to crap in your thread man, and thanks for the heads up. I hadn't heard of this project before but I will keep an eye out for it now.
  6. Amen, sir, amen.
  7. I have never really gone either way. I know that there are some people that I have done work for me who tell their friends that I am the hacker on call and that sort of thing. Some of my wife's friends and family make comments like that. I don't really mind one way or another, I don't consider myself a hacker, I'd say I'm more of a wanna be. There are plenty of people on this board alone that make me look like a drooling idiot. On the flip side there are people that I know whom I make look like fools. Guess it just depends on who it is that your with at the time.
  8. I just sent this to my boss to use as our new employee video.
  9. Awesome, I haven't been around Binrev in some time and look at what I was missing. I'm glad to see it Stank!
  10. Hey all, I am looking for a Cisco (or even 3Com) VOIP trainer, like the virtual router software that you get with some CCNA books. My Google skills seem to be lacking in this area so I figured I would turn to those with the knowledge. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hey Ratchet, not sure if this is a cause for concern, but wanted to let you know. The RSS feed for the show is showing 106 and 107, 106 comes down fine but 107 just hangs up as downloading. It is also listed on the archive page but that links to 106 also. Again, not sure if it's a big deal at all, just wanted to let the powers that be know.
  12. never mind had my head up ass and responded to the wrong person.
  13. Welcome to thesandbox Karus Hur. That's a unique handle you have there (at least to me anyway), how did you come up with it?
  14. I normally stay out of stuff like this because of things that I have seen but I do feel the need to get involved here. Stank, you and are almost exactly the same age, something I don't really see that often anymore. I'm not sure how long you have been into the hacking scene but things have not changed too much in certain regards. I was very heavy into the scene when I was younger. Back then it was all about Commodore 64's, wardialers and tone generators. There were know nothing punks who shot off at the mouth back then and there are still here today. Your going to find that no matter where you go. I let it run me out of the scene for almost five years in the early ninties and I have been playing catch up ever since. You have an obvious passion for this that I would hate to see you run off by a bunch of punk ass kids. In the end you have to do what is right for you, none of us can make the choice for you. If your sick of it, move on. I don't think that you are but, again, I really don't know you on a personal leve, I just get that vibe from the show.
  15. It really would have been had I not seen it done better by Leo Laport before. Kevin even asked alot of the same questions and had him demo the same CID spoof that he did. When I first saw the broken I thought it was ok, I still do, but I lost a lot of respect for Kevin when I found out that he was regurgitating other hard work without giving proper credit. On the other hand, he has done a million times more than my ass has ever done so I give him credit for that. Morgan Webb > Sarah Lane