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  1. I usually go for APOD pics or just black. Does bring up an interesting thought tho. Is there an image one could use that would motivate someone to return a laptop? Maybe "Proprty of agent Agaster , homeland security . Call this number if found (insert cell phone #). The internal GPS will activate in 12 hours if number is not dialed. Or maybe that would get your lappy in a dumpster. Eh, just a thought.
  2. Yeah, kicking it oldschool! I recently got a vic-20 (yeah , screw you c-64 snobs with all your ram) with printer and datasette and a couple games for like 50 bucks including everything. Sweet!. If you want to show the whippersnappers today that you did indeed walk to school through waistdeep snowdrifts uphill bothways , or at least the metaphoric equivelant, show them how load a program from cassette tape. Oh the fun. I had problems just finding cassette tapes. then , how the hell do I get programs onto the cassette? I wasted enough of my youth pounding away at a vic keyboard. Well , I finally found a proggy that converts rom images to tape , and another that will convert the tape to an mp3. Then I pulled out an old tape deck (had to give it a good cleaning before it would work) and recorded the mp3. Then , put it in the datasette (love that name) boot up the vic (cant argue with bootup time) Type > Load Press play on tape. Press play Searching... Found Loading Go get a beer , coffee , go see a movie... ANd finally your program is ready to go. (unless there was an error which there frequently is) I remember it getting real confusing if you didnt stay on top of resetting the counter when you saved your program as you could fit a lot on those 60 minute tapes and you were really screwed if you lost the index. Yeah , these kids today dont know how good they have it. God I'm old.
  3. Kick it old school mount -t iso9660 -o loop /sourcefolder/whatever.iso /mountpoint/destinationfolder
  4. What the error is referring to is localhost where mysql (or whatever) is installed. Random google hit >> Remember that you can not connect to your databases remotely due to security concerns, you can only connect from localhost. Meaning if you could access the physical PC this is installed on, you could access the DB with >> http://localhost/xampp Only chance of doing it remotely would be to find a vulnerable app/service on the box running this and exploit it , but i dont think it is worth getting expelled over.
  5. Are they recognized in BIOS? No > You have other issues Yes > You just need the drivers. If yes then: Either : Put them on floppy or USB and hit F6 at the appropriate time. Or Slipstream them http://www.nliteos.com/download.html EndIf
  6. Wow, I thought the meeting threads were dead. I live an hour south of DC so a Union Station meetup would work better that a MD location.
  7. I have serious doubts about that. D/L 100 gig and see what they say.
  8. Blasphemy! Nothing is too much work for access to the Great Binary Continuim! ISP access is VERY limited. Most use giganews , but with limited accounts. When I worked for adelphia (RIP) it was limited to 5gigs a month. I burn that in an hour. As for GrabIt, I have not tried that. Thanks for the tip. However... Nothing substitutes for actually loading up the headers and scrolling through. For example , alt.binaries.comp has 4,899,287 headers as of this post. IF you KNOW what you are looking for , a binsearch or perhaps grabit can find it for you. But part of the charm of The Great Binary Continuim is to find things you would never think of searching for. Like when the leaked copy of star wars ep3 came out. searching by keyword would not have found it as it was posted with something like st43 w4r5 3piii or something like it. That is the reason I hope that usenet will continue to survive is the fact that it takes a little WORK and a little $ to find what you are looking for.
  9. Either : If you are in the US > https://www.easynews.com/signup.phtml? And do the 900 number option. All kinds of possibilities with a beige box... Or send in a money order Or get a prepaid credit card.
  10. The first rule of... ah nevermind. I just hope it never breaches the surface of the general publics consciousness. I fear it would go the way of Napster. Usenet is usually the 2nd or 3rd place I'll go to if I am looking for a solution to a problem. Most people dont even know about it, and if they cant find it in a google web search , they give up. I've been using usenet for troubleshooting for 15 years. I was bummed when google bought the usenet archives from dejanews years ago as that was my "secret" place to get answers noone else could find. It's not just binaries , but it is the BEST place for binaries. TANSTAAFL (there aint no such thing as a free lunch) Free means few groups , days instead of months of retention, and slooooow d/l. If you like d/l stuff just for the hell of it, which I do, do yourseld a favor and pony up a few bucks, you wont regret it. http://www.slyck.com/ng.php This site has great info on usenet and getting started. If you decide to jump in , good luck. Usenet has the very best and very worst you can ever hope to find on the internet.
  11. Oh , and nice reference, jedibebop. Didnt know that one. Of course AOL didnt give access to the binaries as far as I remember, and thats what I want to keep the kazaa/limewire users away from.
  12. Giganews. Yeah , you have to pay, but its worth it. Unlimited d/l , 10 concurrent connections via ssl, 90+ day retention> 35 bucks a month. Never having to worry about RIAA/MAFIA or having to wait a week for something to d/l > priceless.
  13. No, it doenst. I have the 5600 and it doesnt come with anything network related. I wouldnt spend a lot of $ getting hardware for that. It was a cool little handheld a few years ago , but you would be better off investing in an eeepc or something. If you do get hardware for it, there are compatibility lists that will tell you which to buy.
  14. The first rule of Usenet is ... YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT USENET Well , around here it's ok. I'm just afraid the general public will find out about it and ruin it. Anytime someone asks where I get all those cool apps/unreleased movies etc... I never tell them. Not that I want to be a dick , but I need my binaries , and too many noobs would just screw up a good thing. And , yeah , nzbs are the way to go. Loading up 5 million headers takes freaking forever.
  15. TOR is your friend. It is not vulnerable to MITM attacks in the sense you are thinking. It has been revealed that concerned parties (goverments) are setting up their own TOR exit nodes to look at the traffic passing through them. However , it does not enable them to see WHO it is coming from. Thats why its called an onion router. It will provide anonymity , but not privacy. I always change my exit node several times a session just to mix things up.