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  1. Try Deep Freeze(google)..Or Norton has something similar but I don't remember the name.
  2. I have a program which offers users the ability to connect to a large amount of socks server. You start up the program then it will wget a huge list. 184 38.040568 **.**.**.*** HTTP GET /socks/ipuserv2.php?hid&lic= HTTP/1.0 Continuation or non-HTTP traffic 183 38.040174 **.**.**.*** TCP hhb-gateway > http [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=65535 Len=0 What do I look for or is there a certain filter that I should apply?
  3. appears to give Google a nonexclusive right to display and distribute every bit of content transmitted through the browser
  4. No flaming or anything but then kids wonder when they get jumped what they did. You can't just leave him alone? The school isn't paying you. Your not any coller by ratting him out. I am just giving you advice because when you get older last year of HS and stuff its going to backfire. But yeah, if you want to ignore it then like the others said theres a NetWork log of RDP connections somewhere on the computer unless its disabled.
  5. Does look like a ddos.
  6. Name: Unlisted City: Oklahoma City State: OK Zip Code: 73109 County: Oklahoma
  7. Their going to patent the space bar next. Watch out.
  8. Well I just want to have some brief vb knowledge. So what does VB 6.0 categorize as in that case?
  9. Well I am looking at some tutorials. I see the Visual Basic 6.0 in a cleaner interface. I currently have Visual Basic 2008 Express. I am wondering whats the difference and where can I find it? Also which is better?
  10. Someone had to say something, agree with WhatChout.
  11. Nice 2 year bump . After I used 1800free411 i got text spam from them for 2 weeks
  12. "24,95$" per idiot.. No offense to you dude but this is the kind of attitude I dislike. Just because somebody would buy a book like this doesn't mean they are an 'idiot.' Not everyone knows how to gather information on computer insecurity and the people interested are unique in that way because they know/knew how to find/research it. Those very same people; including yourself, also know that some information can be very difficult to find. The general population simply does not care about this shit, they just want it to work when they need to use it thats why they count on people like us. To call some an idiot for not knowing is ignorant imo just as somebody would call you an idiot for not knowing things like investing, or golf or whatever fuckin hobby one may be into. I agree with PurpleJesus. Its common sense not just in computers. "If it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it." Most of the people who would buy this are people trying to get someone's myspace or trying to spy on their spouse.
  13. I honestly wonder how much money they get from idiots who buy this.
  14. Well if I find out they are designed for me/2k only and don't work for xp then what are my options except for a bios update.
  15. Thanks