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  1. i bought a codebreaker disk so i could transfer my newly created exploit gamesave via usb thumbdrive but the darn codebreaker disk/os isnt reading my 4GB thumbdrive tried fat32 and fat16 dunno and codebreaker isnt loud about what devices it supports maybe i need a tiny 128MB flashdisk if anyone has any advice on this subject i'd love to hear it
  2. yeah i booted android on my openmoko freerunner few days ago neat stuff theres a few demo's of it on the freerunner on youtube but i'm having more fun with things like ettercap on my freerunner ghettotooth etc
  3. it cost me 370$ cause someone in my area made a group sale of 10 http://scap.linuxtogo.org/ <-- some screenshots of my phone are on there somewhere if your quick they are still at the top livendead my <strike>phone</strike> embedded portable computer is better
  4. this is great, used the gps and did some kismet wardriving earlier so neat coming back home and seeing all the data on google earth, suprised how many are still WEP heh my first kismet run with gps what a treat any other binrev peoples have this? strom? cmon your the phone fetish-ist wonder what kinda crap phone strom has
  5. have you seen wikipedia lately? might want to search through that and actually read it this time
  6. yes demonoid bt.xbox-sky.com tvtorrents.com pizzatorrent.com (yet another multi tracker searcher) i do prefer the ones that enforce ratio's
  7. http://www.remote-exploit.org/backtrack_download.html looks to me its been released 19.06.2008 /me downloads now!
  8. if only it could work with gnuradio? i'd hate to have to use winblows
  9. been awhile since my last post on this thread thought i'd share something that is helping me understand fully, and not just be able to copy a schematic and create a circuit, i've had my ham license for a few weeks now and i have got to say the best source for circuit explanation and designs would be in the ARRL handbook for radio amateurs. i just went to the library today got myself a shiny new library card/account walked out with ARRL 2005 handbook, Unix in a nutshell, beginning C programming FREE lol libraries are teh shiz! its probably been more then 5 yrs since i checked a book out and i end up walking out with the biggest fricken books they have lol phonebook size but back to the ARRL handbook go to the lib or just pay 50$ for the most recent 2008 i find it especially enlightening on componets essential to circuit design; inductors, capacitors, resistors, diods, rectifiers, relays, oscilators you name it, pluss they have some nice example schematic and if memory serves me right you are planning on interfereing with aircraft communications which is a big no no , go get your ham license and play within the sandbox given to us there are still pirate radio shortwave transmissions you couldplay with i feel so retarded not realizing the freq in question here
  10. http://www.usbwifi.orconhosting.net.nz/ home of the WIFRY","WOKFI" or "WOKTENNA" love that site. especially when they show my ALFA 500mW usb card as one of the best consumer wifi cards
  11. no offense but i dont like echolink pluss i found a few VHF IRLP repeaters in my local area i might have a hard time reaching them there are way more on the 440 band there are a lot of IRLP repeaters just checkout http://www.irlp.net/ omfg i cant wait till the yaesu VX-8R comes out i want to buy it, 6 meter sounds fun
  12. Speaking of SDR i wanted a softrock40 but apparently they stopped selling em they are real inexpensive from what i've heard less then 100$ but theres a new version coming out i think v5 or somethin? i dunno but checkyoutube for softrock you'll see what i mean it looks sooo cool
  13. i bought my first a couple weeks ago a 2 meter single band radio for a little over 100$ VX150 i'm happy but i wish it was a dual band ie 144-444 cause it seems no 144-148 repeaters in my area have IRLP aka you can send some DTMF to it and it will "route/link to another IRLP repeater in another state/location using VoIP so having DTMF on mine is pretty useless unless i get autopatch access (route to POTS telephone)
  14. i've been lookin at buying one but damnit no cheap ones have SSB!! you need SSB mode! AM gets lame after so long, and i need to brush up on my CW (continuous wave) morse code dit-dah
  15. well to get your feet wet without buying a radio there has been alot of chatter over the air about "echolink" windows app that allows you to connect to participating repeaters/stations the neat thing is i live in ohio and can connect to a 2 meter repeater in cali and make fun of strom over the airwaves i tried playing with it using wine and sorat worked but getting verified and able to broadcast is a complicated task i gave up