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  1. Basically it will be like this. User: "Oh, lets see, I want to see the hot girl making lemonade" Corporation: "Well you can watch a fat man in the hot dog suit" User: "But I want hot girl making lemonade" Corporation: "Just watch the fat man in the hot dog suit, it's the same thing" User: "No it's not, I want Lemonade girl" Corporation: "Well you should of thought of that when you decided to be middle class" User: "Damn"
  2. I'm looking at getting the Sprint Mogul myself as at work we have hosted exchange and it'll work nicely. After all is said and done it will cost me around $300 and the full data plan with minimum talk would total to $60 and there's the promo code for sprint URANG
  3. Are you talking about Cyberpunk the roleplaying game?
  4. You should go to No-IP and register your ip address so instead of posting your ip address you can post a url.
  5. The application name doesn't matter. You could put H4X0r 401 and it wouldn't mean anything. Have you tried just completely disabling your firewall as a test? Is the router you gave you an actual 4 port router or is it just the cable modem?