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  1. Decoder pretty much nailed this discussion. Just to add some consistency to my point of view, i think this needs to be said: I am not worried if it's not possible anymore for rock stars to have their eccentric life style. Sounds to me that the problem in here is that it won't be possible anymore for a musician to hit the top, become billionaire and live among bandies while getting drunk and wasted on drugs and eventually dying at the age 27 making a very profitable business to his/her producer. Honestly, everybody is too worried about "how will the artists survive", i don't really give a f... about it. Music has been with Man since the beginning of history, i guess 3000 years ago there were no worries about profit or whatever and music was still made. Guys, why are we worried about that? It's their challenge to find a way of profiting from it. It's not a social obligation. I too contributed with code to the free software community a couple of times, should i also claim that i should get payed? I guess i could release software using proprietary licenses, but i happen to think that those affect the consumer's basic freedom. So? Should I claim a fee whatever i do? Even if nobody is willing to pay for it? Ridiculous.
  2. Telnet and remote desktop (terminal service client or whatever is called). Probably more. Anyways, i guess this is a stupid question: if one already have physical access to a machine and particulary to its boot and therefore all its filesystems, I am wondering what the heck is there left to hack. I mean, why would anybody would need the administrator password. What for?
  3. Noone on YouTube who makes webcam videos knows what to say, they just like the idea that potentially millions of people might look at their ugly dumb head. It's a self-sustaining system of delusional idiots, believing that just because some n number of people saw you, you matter or are popular. I am not a psychologist, but twitter, YouTube and all the other websites dedicated to the fact that most people get a headache after they read more than two sentences leech off of peoples' desire to be socially accepted, and the Internet circlejerk communities fill that niche surprisingly well. I can't blame the thirteen-year-olds for hoping that if they show some kind of affection towards a camwhore, she'll show them her tits, but it's frustrating to see most of people thinking that way. Either way, what is the error your sister gets when she tries to log in? Indeed. Anyways, what's the big deal with twitter? Whooooo an RSS feed. I mean, really?
  4. Hey all. Nice to see an intelligent discussion about this topic rather than the typical deaf dialogue. I mostly agree with phail_saph in here. This is just my opinion and it is worth whatever (probably not much) but when it comes to this topic I do believe most of the people is to stuck to old concepts. Like "piracy" and "warez". There's often the attempt to try to make clear that downloading movies, mp3s, series, software, etc. is wrong. Some say, "oh yeah... i eventually do but i know i am doing wrong". Why? Just my opinion, but this way of looking at this shows some lack of openness to what freedom really is. I've seen ppl in here saying saying: "If you think is morally right to download copyright content then admit you download and i'm ok with that". Sure, that's an honest way to go. But can I say in here that i download so called piracy and sign with my real name? Technically could end up fees 1000 times higher than my salary and go to prison for like 10 years. So yeah, it's very easy to point the finger and call hypocrite to whomever when you're safe at your walled castle. It annoys me that this discussions go nowhere because they always start by "Let's make clear that downloading is immoral". Why can't we discuss what's moral and why. At the moment seems like moral became sort of a synonym for 'profitable'. Like, f there's an ilegal way of downloading, but if a big business is built around, then there's no problem. The whole problem in here is: This society is not formated to activities that are not built around profiting. Guess what, content distribution became dramatically easier and inexpensive. Too bad for those who made their living with it, i guess they should have adapted. After all they didn't complain when they screw up the business of small live music pubs for example. My neighbour used to make wicker baskets by hand, he couldn't do much when synthetic materials became cheap.
  5. Nobody commented this project of mine That's a pity. Anyway, I still get some traffic from binrev, so I thought it would worth to notify you guys that I improved a bit the user interface. I hope it's easier to use now.
  6. Ok, so I want to start to experiment with fermentation. I'll use water, sugar and regular baking yeast, from what I red out there, some fruit is very important to provide nutrients keep the yeast alive for longer, I'll throw in all sorts of fruit rests I can find... the most varied the best I guess. For the valve I am thinking of simply using a pierced balloon. Now I am a bit concerned about dangerous gases, I am thinking of putting it in the basement which is pretty small and doesn't have any proper air circulation. I remember once when I was a kid, I walked in the barn where my grand parents made wine and I remember my lungs hurt pretty bad. Are there any considerable amounts of harmful gases being released in the fermentation process? I am think of fermenting 5 litters of a mix I described above.
  7. Interesting, I've always wondered how how CO2 was mixed into sparkling drinks. It would take a brutal pressure to create an explosion with a glass bottle. Personally I've seen home made sparkling wine that can keep foaming out of the bottle for like two minutes or so. And of course, we've all seen chapagne corks flying around What about non alcoholic drinks like coke or 7up, how is the CO2 mixed?
  8. after reading swetres' post I got reminded about acetone. It's widely available because it's used as a nail-polish remover. My girlfriend had a small bottle of it. It works great. Though this is not anything like a potato cannon I find it a lot funnier. I mean... a few cans, some tape and there's a cannon. As i didn't have tennis balls around, i fired apples for those interested in making a potato cannon, go for a long combustion chamber. It turns out to be a lot more efficient since a lot more air is required than fuel. I will still put sugary mix to ferment, just for the fun of it. But only when I have a decent distillation set up. Tin cans look like a good material to improvise something.
  9. Yep, that's exactly what it is. And it's indeed tasty. Of course, if you want to drink a lot of it it quickly becomes unpleasant due to being rather strong. The word 'aguardente' means "burning water". It can be very strong, it's sometimes nicknamed 'mule kick' or 'bugs killer'. I like it when its less than 50%, above that it's too strong for my taste. I like it in very little amounts, sometimes mixed with expresso or deserts. If you want to try it I suggest this one: I believe it's sold internationally. If you prefer you can buy it aged in oak barrels. It's more expensive of course. Personally I am not so much into that, but that's just me. This is what's more common in my region, in other places they make aguardente out of other fruits, or for example in brazil, they make it out of sugar cane. BTW, 'cacha├ža' is just another word for 'aguardente'.
  10. For myself I am just an average drinker I would NEVER drink booze distilled in home made set ups. It's very dangerous. As mentioned before it contains 'higher alcohols' which are really dangerous, potentially lethal in fact. I am born in a little village with many small distilleries. They were usually owned by richer families because they were quite an expensive machine. They looked very cool, rather complex and big 100% copper machines inside really old houses. After the production of the wine, like one or two weeks after, the wine producers would book time on a distillery to make their aguardente (a distilled drink made out of squeezed grapes). Distilleries would work 24 hours a day for a week or two. Because they needed a lot of wood to be burn in order to work, they couldn't afford to stop for the night. I've never forgot the smell when entering or passing by a distillery. It smelled really good, it smelled like sweet and smooth. Unfortunately, in the 90s, European Union, in an effort to protect other drinks like whiskey and vodka, imposed unrealistic taxes to aguardente production. Taxes as high as 2.5 euro/litter and a restriction of 10 litter maximum storage without special license. Because of these laws, I haven't seen a distillery working in years I know people that owns distilleries, I can take a few pictures maybe. However, that will take a while since I'm currently living in another country. For the record, these are fractional column based distilleries. Though I'm not a big aguardente drinker, I can tell you with certainty: These are tested machines developed for drink manufacture. They were reliable and trusty. Do not drink booze unless you 100% trust its source.
  11. For your launcher could you use PVC pipe cleaner instead? I'm sorry I didn't understand the question. I've never heard of such thing as PVC cleaner, I thought pvc pipes were cleaned with ordinary cleaning products. Therefore the answer is: I don't know. I guess so... does it burns in gas state? I am quite happy with the hairspray. It works well on the potato cannon. As for the tennis ball mortar I would like to use a liquid yet very volatile fuel. Less powerful too.
  12. There are many people out there that make pneumatic potato cannons. I personally find that too high tech for a thing called 'potato cannon'. Then there is the combustion potato cannons which are a lot simples to assemble. As you can see in the link I posted above, I've already made a potato cannon. Now I am after something simpler, a tennis ball mortar. The beauty of it is that it can be assembled in 20 minutes with a few cans, a knife and some duct tape. Problem is swedish strict laws, in here the government make alcohol as dificult to find as possible because they're concerned some alcoholics will drink whatever liquid containing alcohol. Also, there's no such thing as 'cheap vodka' in here, a bottle of vodka costs minimum 25 euro (about 35 dollars). On the other hand, in Portugal, which is where I am born, a bottle of vodka can cost as little as 4 euro and one can buy 96% alcohol for cleaning purposes for like 0,5 euro a litter. It's available in pretty much every supermarket and I've never heard of such thing such as mixing it with drinks.
  13. Actually I think 15% is not so difficult to achieve. Regular grapes produce wine with 9 to 15% of alcohol, usually 11-13, that is only with the sugar from the grapes. I believe a mix richer in sugar, can easily reach 15% even if the yeast is not carefully picked. On the other hand, the distillation appears to be a quite lossy process. When I was young I went a lot of times to distilleries as there where about 15 of them in my small village. Usually the booze came strong in the first minutes but quickly became weaker and weaker.
  14. Yes. Ok, the mortar is just an excuse. Brewing stuff at home is cool too. All for fun. jesus, you got back to my initial question. Will yeast like the one used for making bread do it?
  15. This is quickly getting off-topic. I've used hair spray in my potato cannon. It works perfectly for that purpose, but that's not what I am after this time. I am looking for a liquid fuel that evaporates fast ans whose vapours are ignitable. Also, it is supposedly less powerful and more inoffensive.