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  1. Im not quiet getting this mate can't we find some simple stuff. Like follow these steps and BANG you can send a fake mail with an attachment kindda thing
  2. Cheers McGraw ! I kind of understood what you have said but since im not too good with these stuff need little more guidance with this. If you or anybody in this forum could What I'm trying and wanting to do is to send a fake mail with an attachment. For a instance I can jst send a text msg to anyone faking that its coming from one of his/her mates. using a site like this <> but this doesnt allow me to send an attachment with it I found these anonymous mail sending programs and it has this SMTP Server option.. I treied entering and port 25 but it didnt work Hope someone out there would able to help me out Cheers !
  3. Hi Guys, How is Everybody Sending a mail to someone , making the mail literally coming from someone he/she already know is quiet easy. someone can make so much fun of it too.. but my question is the next step, Which is can we send a prank mail with an attachment ? If yes how could that be achived ? Thanks !
  4. Thanks! (and yes, I am a father too)

  5. Wish U a Happey B'day !

  6. Wish U a Happy B'day N a Happy Father's Day Too! (If u are a father ;))