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  1. Asterisk is just a pbx Freeswitch is an actual open source switch, and I think the project forked off of asterisk.
  2. http://www.societyofrobots.com/programming_robot.shtml is another good list of tutorials that focuses more on things like programming algorithms for fun stuff to do with microcontrollers, obviously geared towards robotics.
  3. I found this link with a whole list of electronics manufacturers that give out free electronic samples to other companies for prototypes. I usually have them send it to me at work so it looks more legit. Enjoy the list, and have fun. http://www.dutchforce.com/~eforum/index.php?showtopic=13348
  4. I've never seen the viewsat. How well do they work? From what I understand they have better hardware.
  5. i agree with the other guys. Buy the real deal. You also get free support and software echo cancellation software from digium that they usually charge for if you buy digiums actual card.
  6. Anyone else seen these forums? I've been a member for a while. The jist is pretty much the forums have complete step by step guides on pirating satellite tv WITHOUT all those damn cards. They use free to air boxes you buy legally, and people (illegally) mod them with operating systems that are free to download, which decrypts all dish channels. (including all free PPV's) the forum link is www.future-fta.info I've seen the pansat boxes in action. The menus on them are okay, but personally I'd just have it decrypting and going to a mythtv box since I like it's interface better.
  7. Anyone who doesn't think these forums aren't monitored is extremely naive. And while feds don't issue DMCA notices, it's still pretty irrelevant. I'll bet this forum gets monitored by a lot of different companies/government agencies.
  8. Dont encourage users to leech using tor as it extremely bad for the network and ruins it for everyone else as it will utilise alot of bandiwdth. This is true for now, so what does that mean? everyone needs to start a damn tor server! Now! That way we'll have enough bandwidth to fuck the RIAA/MPAA and they can't do anything about it =).
  9. Oh I thought you meant some running chmod +x ./../file Or whatever.
  10. But why the ./ first? Why not ../ ? seems kinda redundant.
  11. Not me with those times. I work til 7:00 PM CST.
  12. DRMO Defense Reutilization Management Office: The place the military auctions off all the stuff they have before they trash it. What you are looking for: Patch panels. They might have fireberds as well. Fireberds are testing equipment that can generate different frequency tones, etc.... if you get *really* lucky they might even have some old phone switches as well. These places are better than ebay. This stuff will save you a *lot* of time and money, you can probably by a used patch panel board with the inferaces to wire the pairs to for next to nothing. Look for your local military installation, the larger the better, and you can probably find something related to this.
  13. I put other. With 5,000, I would look for some local foreclosures in the area (not a ghetto mind you), and buy one. (and yes, you can buy foreclosures for 5K sometimes if you offer cash, and not in a place where you will probably be shot), fix it up (by mowing the lawn, paying some people to repaint it, and fixing the major stuff), then hire out a property management company to rent it back out. They charge 10,15,20% whatever of the rent to do so, but then you don't have to mess with it, they send you your check, and if something major has to be done, they send you a bill. Well worth it for people working a full time job who don't want to take on being a landlord. An extra $600 a month for doing nothing can be quite nice. Then you save all that and do it over again. Or you just live in the house and save money not paying the rent each month. Stock market is great and all, but personally I'd rather just invest in something that is guaranteed to not only yield immediate monthly returns, but also appreciate in value as time goes on, as houses usually do.
  14. I can answer some questions about asterisk. I know the digium boards pretty well.
  15. The idea of secure military networks is kind of a joke. They do have 'secured' networks, but 99% of the communications don't go over it. Like it was said before, all military communications have "secure" and "nonsecure" networks. Anything that is used for classified transmission of data goes over the secure networks. It is only used for classified material, for the most part, and you have to have a security clearance just to be in the same room as one of these machines/devices, or they have to be locked away (and computer monitors covered, etc....) The classified network is completely separate from all non class communications (except they can be routed through by the same equipment, but they don't network together). These networks are ran through highly encrypted medium anytime they leave a facility that isn't physically secure (armed guards). The encryption algorithms are proprietary, shipped directly in from the NSA, and depending on the level of classification, changed after a certain period. The stuff I usually messed with had to be changed every day. The DSN is completely open and there are POTS to DSN DIDs. As far as I know, there are no call ins to drop to a dialtone, people usually just call the person direct. The fun information relating to DSN is the fact that it's almost all outrageously old equipment. At one point in time I administered a DSN switch that was an old SL100, and this was less than 4 years ago. We had a lot of fun blueboxing the thing in the tech control when bored at night. That's the oldest switch I ever worked with, but the proprietary stuff is pretty interesting as well, but it's mostly on the classified side of the house. So lookup some dsn numbers and try to mess with stuff. Who knows, you'll probably bluebox the army.