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  1. oh. Hell. YES!
  2. Yeah...but I knows where to gets meh porn. Don't need google to get it. Thanks for the info, Uncue!
  3. Yeah...but I knows where to gets meh porn. Don't need google to get it. Thanks for the info, Uncue! Yeah...but I knows where to gets meh porn. Don't need google to get it. Thanks for the info, Uncue!
  4. Do you actually have to be running the operating system in order to do the report? Or are you just getting information on it, and making a text file? I've used Mandrake before but found Ubuntu to be an easier alternative. Maybe it's changed a bit, but if you had to actually install, a Ubuntu live cd would be nice. Hell, Mandriva might be live. I'm gonna VPC it, but you don't have to run it. Just a .wps, .txt or .doc will suffice. 500+ words! Thanks for the help guys... I know it's my friend, or it's supposed to be, but all I seem to turn up on search engines is porn.....odd. Editscripts: Sweet! The quote on Uncue was typed by hand! That was a lucky-assed longshot!
  5. I have to do a report on an OS, and I chose Mandriva Linux. Anyone know anything? I got the pages from Wikipedia, but it's not enough, ja? I have to have a second site (lol, second sight), and some more info wouldn't hurt. Thanks?
  6. BSHacker? Tell me about this delightful sounding game please. I'd love to face off against you in chess sometime, Ohm.
  7. I've heard tell about a little game called Uplink...seems interesting. Anyone played it? Have an opinion? Is it worth my ten dorrah?
  8. Yo no attendo college, mi amigo. But I was wrong, it's not a 6.something. Its release 9. And I no longer need access, because the guy I was asking for just kinda scrapped the hard drive, and picked up another one. But that one had no OS, and we're tired of screwing around with it. It's time to move on anyway. Sides, I'm gonna learn Linux using a VPC anyway. Less hassle, although you do have to change some stuff to make the mouse work and to get the graphics to look un-wonky.
  9. Hell, that's easier than I thought. I know its a 6.something version of Red Hat. I'll try that, and if it no worky, then I'll check my old Red Hat manual. Thanks, node.
  10. Alright, here's the deal: In A+ class, we set up some old systems, and one of the class was fortunate enough to have Red Hat Linux be the OS. Unfortunately, it had a password protected Root, so unable to do anything. I was wondering if you guys knew anything could be done to circumvent the password so as to make a new one so they can use the terminal instead of just reformatting (which would take forever in my class). Open to all suggestions, including brute force scripts. Also necessary is a way to remote-access the terminal. We're not talking making it a zombie, just a way to crack its pw to reset it. Thanks in advance.
  11. it is. but eh, you only learn from experience. so try everything you can.

  12. okay carlos mencia. Come up with some new lines? :spawn1: Wait, I said that twice? Man, I gotta pay more attention....
  13. I can see it being semi-useful to someone new to the scene, but also to be taken with a grain or two of salt. Or an entire shaker.
  14. Hack on, I guess. I'm trying to learn, but it's a little daunting and complicated at first.