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  1. spot on mate that really has helped explain the subject allot clearer. :voteyes: so if this is the case, would you advise setting up a tunnel along side a proxy, such as Tor? if so what do you recommend I use for this? its not the WEP Encryption that i'm bothered with as my laptop only stays in my room most of the time and only picks up one home network, in which I know who owns, so thats not a deal for me at the present. many thanks MK3 P.S you mention in your first sentence... "You can encrypt different parts of the process and hide different information from different people". sorry for being thickle but when you say this, are you talking about drive/system encryption as well?
  2. Hi Thanks for your response, I suppose what it is a really would like to achieve if possible is to encrypt my connection while viewing the web, to and from my laptop I did come across this But whether to trust it or even pay for it is another matter, preferably something open source maybe. maybe it may help if I did more research on types encryption methods then that way I could explain myself a bit clearer. cheers
  3. Hi been searching around for the best way to encrypt my connection while browsing have found so many such as: Vmware ssl explorer Enigma exhange etc.. what do you guys use and recommand?
  4. Now then Ark Rat, not to long ago i was in the same situation as yourselves until I got this topic started. all these Guys have helped me to explore all the new and wonderful ranges of operating systems, my favorite at the moment have got to be Protech and BackTrack live at the moment due to the vast range of security tools. these are ok if you want to boot up from cd, but when it comes to installing these babies, it takes lots more revising!!
  5. For your 802.3 connection ( ethernet ) load the module for the driver. modprobe e100 Add this to your modules list when so it loads when your OS loads. Thats crackin Seven, this appears to be so much easier then type all that configuration data LOL
  6. Cheers for this link Dex! I will follow this up now Linux Based systems are new to me, so I am in need to get educated with most of the commands aswell
  7. Hi guys just burnt Bt2 live onto DVD, and I can not seem to get my network adapter going will I need to run some drivers from slax? or is something I am missing? I am running a hpdv8333ea intel pro/100v network adapter intel pro/wireless 39452bg network adapter cheers
  8. Firstly thanks to all you guys for your suggestions on all the many OS's available. and so from this, Just burnt bt2 onto dvd... all got loads up a treat, the only issue I do face at the moment is that when I open firefox I do not seem to be connected to my network any help would be greatly appreciated cheers
  9. I've noticed from all your posts that you guys seem to have a laptop with its own OS from your desktop?
  10. cheers Shaggy for the response I am currently testing Ubuntu along with BSD along with backtrack live.. thanks to you guys!
  11. cool! so I could install FreeBsd and run final cut for example?
  12. Is osx based on linux? and if so, would it be possible to run these applications on Linux based system? cheers
  13. ok cool thanks man
  14. Hi Chaps, ok, maybe this is a bit over the top, but is there a way to stop/block/encrypt a reverse dns request from either a web page or simple peer request?
  15. via IronGeeks web page