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  1. Anyone know any system tweaks to speed up slow USB Thumbdrives? I've noticed that it's faster to copy one 300MB file than three-hundred 1mb files, is this because of extra edits that have to be made to the file allocation table?
  2. Sorry, I don't know either, but someone on the Nmap mailing list may.
  3. Ok, I'm working on another simple Autoit3 script. This one watches the Windows logs for common attacks that happen at an open WiFi hotspot like a coffee house (see ). It watches three things and pops up a message in the Windows systray when it sees the following: New or changed ARP table entry (Think poor man's ARP Watch for Windows) New event in security log New event in firewall log It's a pretty ghetto excuse for an IDS, but it's something I wanted to create. Any ideas as to a catchy name? The source will be released with the exe.
  4. I need to revisit this code. I'm thinking UAC may be one issue. The high CPU usage is partly a side effect of the language I used. Any update on the 'Visa issues'? As a Win 7 user I'm curious because there are issues running DecaffeinatID 0.09 under Win7. Most noticeably although the UI continues to respond the program is no longer notifying of alerts and the programs CPU use is very high.
  5. I've posted my Unicode and LSB stego code. The link is at the bottom of this post. I hope this is the right form to post it in. If not, please move. I need to work on fiding better homoglyphs so the font does not look so weird, and URL encoding. Assuming the forum system does not mangle it, there should be a hidden message in this post.
  6. Awesome, thanks.
  7. Hi all, I recently did a 3hr class on Anti-Forensics, and I've posted the video of it: Interestingly, I had a lot of Infragard members there.
  8. Does anyone here have any dealing with Infragard? I was thinking of joining a local chapter, and the only sources of bad information on them I could find were from wingnuts.
  9. Thanks. My background check passed, and am now a member.
  10. Hi all, I working on a tool to make setting up static ARP tables in Windows easier. Here it is: It may help someone in hardening a box against Man in the Middle attacks that use ARP poisoning. Adrian
  11. I had a lot of video equipment failure, but I got the video made of todays OWASP presentation: I just covers the top 5, for time reasons: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) SQL/Command Injection Flaws Malicious File Execution/RFI Insecure Direct Object Reference Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF/XSRF) Adrian
  12. Thanks guys, you are going to make me blush.
  13. Ah, yes. I get a lot of people asking me that. Truth be told, its a speak impediment that has mellowed with age. By buddy Rob tells me I should tell women I'm from Latveria to pick them up. Let you professors know about it, I'm trying to get more folks to use it as a teaching tool.
  14. Glad you liked it. Glad they gave me the extra time to cove the first 5 points.
  15. Has anyone else ever considered trolling/honey-potting using the robots.txt file on their site?
  16. Thanks for the feed back. Maybe I need to add a profiles feature to it, that why you can change settings depending on where you are..
  17. Just ordered my Eeee PC 901. I could only get it with Windows, but I plan to wipe that and put on Ubuntu. Shouls I go with normal 9.04, or is the Netbook remix worth it?
  18. Ok, I got the VM running quite a bit faster now off of the internal SSD using these tips: Figured I'd share.
  19. By the way guys, I've tested out VMWare on my 901, it runs ok when I ran the vm from and external HD, but running the VM from the internal flash is laggy as hell.
  20. I just ordered a bunch from 123stickers. I had to make them monochrome to come out in chrome What do you think of this layout?
  21. This is a presentation I gave for the Kentuckiana ISSA on May 8th, 2009. It covers the basics of protecting yourself when using open WiFi on a potentially hostile networks, most notable Hacker cons, but also coffee shops, libraries, airports and so forth. Topics include: open file shares, unneeded services, sniffing and evil twin attacks. The talk is based on the Hacker Con HiJinx tri-fold I wrote awhile back. It gave me a chance to test out my new recording rig, but I have to figure out something to do to get better audio sync. Thanks to Larry for letting me use his picture in the presentation.
  22. It's a liquor flask.
  23. I plan to give them away at cons, so if you see me at one ask.
  24. Chrome does not seem to photo well, but I'm happy with the results of the stickers.