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  1. Thanks for my last B-Day comment...hope to get another one in a few months <3

  2. I was suggested a prism 2.5 card and those aren't. I couldn't find the oronico gold card on ebay.
  3. How do you find if someone is port scanning your computer,etc?
  4. Isn't it bad to overclock a laptop due to the fact its very hard to add parts,etc and to fix. Well just buy one of those $20 computer tablets to put under and its like a fans. Well heres one but not really what I mean
  5. Ooo looks like we have a width issue too.What do you mean?
  6. I don't understand. If you can connect to it why would you need to "hack" the router when you have access
  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Its called 3g its still beta not worth paying that much though
  9. # 43191-43440 Unassigned ciscocsdb 43441/tcp Cisco NetMgmt DB Ports ciscocsdb 43441/udp Cisco NetMgmt DB Ports # 43442-44320 Unassigned pmcd 44321/tcp PCP server (pmcd) pmcd 44321/udp PCP server (pmcd) pmcdproxy 44322/tcp PCP server (pmcd) proxy pmcdproxy 44322/udp PCP server (pmcd) proxy # 44323-44552 Unassigned rbr-debug 44553/tcp REALbasic Remote Debug rbr-debug 44553/udp REALbasic Remote Debug Should be in between so make an assumption Private email addresses of original posters removed, to prevent spam harvesters from picking them up. -Seal
  10. you have 1 default gateway thats why only one works
  11. Thanks for the B-Day wishes G3x!

  12. Happy Birthday

  13. Spam and leave guy