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  1. I am definitely interested! Shoot me the source code, if you would. And a current link to the schematics & parts list, if they're posted somewhere. There's some M68HC705 prototype boards on fleaBay. Dunno whether those could be used to build one. On a somewhat related note, I took the BlueBeep 1.0 source code that was floating out there and filled in the docs from the previous version and was able to build it a few years ago. It's a PC-based blue box, but was the shiznit in the day. For some reason the 1.0 binary was never released. Now I just need to find me a C5 link that's still active...
  2. WarVOX is a IAX wardialer that does audio analysis to determine the terminating line type. 2.0 isn't ready for prime time apparently, but that's the way I'd go. There's also iWar, but that's just a unix-based regular war dialer.
  3. CO tours are awesome, aren't they? I got to tour a GTE switch in central CA almost 2 decades ago. Can't even remember what type it was - I think a Nortel. Then I got a job in the NOC for a telco wireless carrier and got to hang out in the switch whenever I wanted. Our switch was next to an abandoned 1AESS and I spent more time playing around that thing than our 5E. Never thought to take pics, but I still remember the op console with 4th column keys (A-D).
  4. Heh. When was the last time you could run to Wal*Mart and pick up a USR? /me goes and digs up his external USR Courier v.32bis (best modem EVER!)
  5. Is this set still available for download? Looks like http://scrupmtion.com is redirecting to http://www.flowroute.com/services/voice/ which no longer has the download. Am I missing something?
  6. I ought to digitize my old US WEST SS7 training tapes and upload 'em. There's 6 or 7 of 'em. (I *really* ought to rip my 5ESS simulator from floppy and upload that somewhere, too.)
  7. Hey guys, here's a stumper: A few days ago, I got two separate calls on my VZW cell from a client in FL where I could hear the caller typing on her keyboard over my phone's speaker *while it was still ringing*. I tried from my Vonage & Vitelity SIP lines but no audio was passed prior to answering, so I verified it with the caller. I asked her to call me again and start talking before I picked up. Before my phone even rang, I heard her. She couldn't hear me, but I verified with her via IM what she was saying. The client is getting wholesale H.323 service from a provider called "PAETEC". As we've witnessed before, 911 trunks pass audio before the call is nailed up. I don't know if this is a feature specific to 911, or where it's a feature that's applied to 911, but available to any trunk. My assumption is that the feature was added to one of the trunks between the H.323 provider and Verizon. I don't think it's on my end, since this has only happened with calls from a single number/provider. My phone is a HTC TYTN (XV-6800) with a custom-cooked Windows Mobile 6.5 (beta) ROM with Internet Calling enabled. The phone has to have the capability of receiving and playing audio before the call is answered, but I doubt it has anything to do with the ROM. It all boils down to the fact the originating station MUST be passing the audio for anything down the line to get it and that every station in between must continue it. Ideas as to how or why this is happening? Is it a CALEA feature, maybe?
  8. I just dialed in but no one was home.
  9. AT&T's AnyWho.com has a reverse lookup. I've got a script that'll pull the text outta the listings. I originally wrote it to do reverse 800 scanning. My voip provider offers CNAM for $0.009/lookup. I'll have to see if there's a way to run lookups w/out nailing up a call. If so, would be a great way to do scanning...
  10. Good find, man! Doesn't it mention in the video itself that she called from her cell phone? All PCS carriers would be on SS7, but there's some sort of SS7 to in-band translation going on.
  11. No argument, although I find it odd that they would use OOB signalling (SS7) for control, but MF ANI. I'll have to dig more...
  12. I'd have to dig *deep*. Even then I'm not sure I still have any. But if I come across one I'll scan it and post. I *do* have, however, some "Pick up the phone. Not the tab" calling party pays buttons from USW.
  13. "Colorado Springs, Colorado"? That's pretty specific, man. I was in the Springs when that went into effect. No one ever got busted as far as I know. We got lots of those nice notices from USWEST though.
  14. https://sudnp117.qwest.com/qwest_enroll_ns.html This has some possibilities... Here's the success page: https://sudnp117.qwest.com/success_ns.html Take a look at the hidden form values. Looks like they're loading a shared object, and it's obviously a Sun box (Qwest likes Sun - pizza boxes on every desktop in my NOC). Plus, the CGI takes GET values, not just POST. I've dorked around enough un-proxied. Make sure you use onion routing if you can.
  15. Their access page is 7 years out of date. Bet it'd be a good target for SE (several #'s on the page). QID post-dated my days @ USWEST / Qwest, so I don't have any insight. I used to punch the holes in the USW firewall for the CLECs.