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  1. That moment what resolving the CAPTCHA hieroglyphs are not worth the end result.

  2. Mixed opinions about Seattle's draft pick. Yes. the guy did beat his gf. But should we give a chance? Do we want him with no future? Or the chance to do something in life?

  3. That moment of holding your breath when you try to "activate" Windows. :-)

  4. This is the way I scowl when I'm watching pr0n and Comcast decided to put me on a new Subnet. Can't they do this when people are not up at 2:00AM getting of on Internet pr0n? How would they feel if I took their girlfriend away right as they were getting off? Well... back to work I guess.

  5. Crap! I hate apartment living. Especially getting woke at 6:30AM on a Saturday morning. But it always helps when the bass from the stereo in your bedroom is louder than that neighbors'. >:)

  6. With my trusty Galaxy II half dead, decided to splurge on a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Hopefully this will last a few years (3 -4). I must say, Android Lollipop is pretty darn nifty vs. JellyBean.

  7. Went to an US Air-force museum and saw the coolest piece, most ahead of its time technology ever! A real-live SR-71 Blackbird. Considering only 32 were ever made, and about 13 were lost "in duty", it was pretty damn cool to see up close! :-)

    1. tekio


      No, it wasn't. But it was pretty cool. Would love to go to the Smithsonian, though.

  8. New Mac and back to work. I definitely would recommend Linux over any o/s for those who want to get into security or anything computer science related. I'm now pretty convinced OS/X is a great operating system for web developers. :-)

    1. tekio


      *as in studying Computer Science*

  9. The most difficult part of reformation is the urge of low-hanging fruit. :-(

  10. Spent the last hour and counting trying to download Cain & Abel. When I turn Windwos Defender off, that means I don't want it blocking crap!

  11. Who the crap ships notebooks with a synaptics touch pad, using generic Microsoft drivers! Oh... Dell does. WTF?

    1. tekio


      Nope. The XPS 13 is really nice. However, not trackpad driver is like buying a car with a flawed wheel. No matter how bad-ass it is, one cannot drive it to work if the wheel is square. LoL

  12. I love it when my computer calls me Batman! Go, go Cortana and Windows 10!

  13. Really liking Brackets code editor (www.brackets.io). I'm sure in a less than a year it will put in "the cloud" and do everything under the sun except be a nice clean, efficient code editor - losing its focus. But for right now, it's pretty damn nice, IMO.

  14. Driving 50 miles to see Blackhat the day after tomorrow. Expecting to be disappointed, but we'll see. :-)

  15. When you wake up in the middle of the night, and she's 6 inches from your face staring at you. #creepyChicks

    1. tekio


      no channel. Even though there are no tags, I tagged to give it topic. I'm rebelling against all this unstandardized stuff.

    2. tekio


      Awesome! :-)

  16. Since the Supreme Court ruled police are not obligated to protect citizens, can I sue the local police for false advertising? The cars say, "to protect and serve".

    1. tekio


      Police are funny: they go Rodney King and shoot people. Then say, "if they aren't guilty of something, wouldn't run from us".

    2. tekio


      I'll also add, the Mafia is simpler. You just pay them for "protection". No racial bias, etc... At least with the Mafia one knows what's expected of them. LoL

    3. tekio


      I grew up in Seattle. I had a cop pul their knight-stick on me for jay-walking once. I crossed the street, then she pointed at me, then pointed to go back. I winked at her, and she grabbed her battan. I was hoping for handcuffs. but hey....

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  17. From the 2, beastmode on at RB..... WTF? Seattle? Sorry... Billy B won the chess match. :-(

  18. Argh! Visual Studio 2012 in a V.M. on a laptop w/ on y4GB of memory is not fun. :-(

  19. I might be a little biased but I'm picking the number one defense / number nine over-all offense to upset the number 11 offense and 14th ranked defense in the Super Bowl this year. If only I had $$$ to bet on it. :-(

  20. Choose your visualization meme of the week: "Tom Brady tells the ball boy, "make my balls soft".

  21. One day and awk piping into sed, regex, mysql import ninja. The next a data-entry clerk. Please... use unique divs, so it's easier to scrape your shitz from webpages. :sigh:

  22. Kind of nervous, even in the Clink - beating GB three times in a row is asking a lot from any team. :-/

  23. Russell Wilson NOT an elite NFL QB? Uhm.. three years, 3 playoff runs, one ring, over 800 yards rushing, the highest winning % and highest passer rating of any NFL QB in their first 3 years? Who are these USA Today "experts"???

  24. Who challenges R. Sherman on a 44yrd prayer? Oh.. Cam Newton tried. Go Seahawks!

  25. Nothing says "got lucky", like a condom wrapper in your and cute lady in your shower in the morning. :-)