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  1. Anyone here play C.S. or Technology on Quizup? Add/challenge me: Chuck U. Farley.

  2. "Buhahaha!" I love Despicable Me. That dude rocks!

  3. Really liking Ruby. :-)

    1. tekio


      Didn't she finally overdose doing PHP with her sister, Perl?

    2. tekio


      I heard she got hooked in C. That's some hard shit.

    3. tekio


      fatal error : Cannot open include file: 'rehab.h': No such file or directory getClean.c :: Then she started again. With a cup of Java in the morning and worked up to C++, again. Once she got on the OO, there was no turning back.

  4. Up all night learning Ruby. Top 5 reasons I dumped Python and Perl for Ruby: 1 - Knowing one language well is better than being literate in two 2 - Perl sucks on Windows. Ruby does not, and Windows is still used in the work place more than any other O/S 3 - Great OOP implimentation in Ruby 4 - Python is great for having standard libraries in a default install. But the implemnation sucks! (DO I want to learn Python 2.X or Python 3.x? Should I use httplib? urllib? or urllib2) 5 - Perl is pr...

  5. Really loved the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. However it did not fair well in the drop test: hard case, and screen totally shattered digitizer ruined (guessing it was fused into the screen). Simple 3 foot fall my old Galaxy survived unscathed over a dozen times. :-(

  6. Unplugged for about one week. That sucked,,,, gf's cat thought the AC adapter looked good to eat. Next time, hope he tries eating the end that plugs into the wall... Kidding.... (kind of) ;-/

  7. Late might re-play of the GOP debate. I enjoy a great comedy very now then...... :-)

  8. Major Windows update and minor Android update in once night. Maybe I'll try hitting for the cycle and install the latest 4.X kernel on my Ubuntu Server Box.

    1. tekio


      Not sure, I've seen some pretty large companies use IIS, and NT domains, supporting thousands of office users.

    2. tekio


      With that said, I do miss the good days, of spending a Saturday afternoon tweaking my operating system, or dialing in Fluxbox. :-)

    3. tekio


      Windows Admin: but you're just killing X process (kill -HUP) and shutting all needed applications using X down anyway?

      Linux admin: but my >uptim,e says four months!

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  9. Composing and escape plan.....

    1. tekio


      Mine goes more like, "slip out the back jack. Make a new plan stan...."

  10. Just got offered a position working working between developers and top-tier technical support for a rather large technology company: feeling on cloud 9, at the moment. :-)

    1. TheFunk



  11. Just watched some movie about African Americans in the film industry. Not too sure having Bill Cosby preach about inequality for anything was a winning point. :-$

  12. Computer lab is 100% penguin powered, now. Running Linux Mint on Dell XPS 9343 and main server is running Ubuntu Server.

  13. I honestly think Windows 7 runs smoother as VM guest on a Linux host than directly installed. LoL

  14. The user agent from "project spartan" is being reported as Apple WebKit. This is a good thing: no more designing webpages for everything else, and Microsoft. LoL

  15. Employer: We need to run a background and credit check. Me: Sure. You can run a background check, but I don't plan refinancing - unless you can offer a killer deal on a mortgage. Not interested in any more credit-cards, either.... WTF? Do people really let employers do this stuff?????

  16. "12:00, I seen an SUV. I got 4 armed men; they're in hodgey gear." The Hurt Locker has to be one of my all time favorites....

  17. F3 Framework is pretty cool. IS it secure? Not sure, but it's cool. :-)

  18. Me: You want share-level authentication for over 1000 expected users?!? Client: Yep! Nobody will forget the password..... Me: Ok. But...........

  19. FatFree Framework is pretty darned cool, so far....

  20. My neighbor's name is Ms. No Parking. She has signs posted nationwide reserving her parking spaces.....

  21. I want to recompile sudo. Instead of -s, I want it: sudo --be-my-bitch

  22. At Starbucks listening to a guy telling his g.f. about Linux: "It's an opensource program ran on every Super Computer in the world."

  23. Glad I have Android. Siri is one snotty bitch.

  24. One of those nights where I should have just taken the blue pill...

  25. One of those nights where I should have just taken the red pill....