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  1. War Games! Then another cup of coffee and some Super Natural. I.T. is an awesome career choice!

  2. One thing I LOVE about driving a Jeep: snow plows just get in the way!

  3. Ok, Tekio: as much as you you want to get shit done, no touching production servers while you're this drunk. #TekioWaitingForGF

  4. Oh really? Mr. GP Dynamics Consultant who charges three figures per hour? You think I'm gonna help you when you over promise? Actually I take to much pleasure in watching you crash and burn. (end rant)

  5. Big HUGE game tomorrow. Go Seahawks!

  6. GM of operations: "We need to integrate Salesforce with out current CRM that does inventory and EVERYTHING else. BTW - the Salesforce is already bough and paid for......" ME: "Hahaha! Wish me luck!

  7. New BIOS update for the Dell 9343 XPS 13. Should I try Linux again? Of course I should.....

  8. Nothing found this time. But whenever staying in a hotel/motel, I highly suggest fanning through the pages if the bible. Ever hid anything in the pages of a book? Ever forget about it? ;-)

    1. tekio


      That's awesome. I did find an extra key-card to the room under the T.V. this time.

  9. Really, I don't mind paying taxes. I do understand. However it's the whole - "you need to fire a CPA to figure out how much you need to pay us". Really? Send me a bill and I'll pay it....

  10. Blanton's,6 un-watched episodes of American Horror Story from Google Play and all night.... Damn... i must be getting old, this is heaven.

  11. Where to start? I'll just leave it at that.

  12. After careful recursive thinking; I have determined it's impossible to boycott the act of boycotting.

  13. Awaiting the new Star Wars movie. So excited!

  14. Life is good (at least for the moment).

  15. On the agenda: migrating AD from SBS 2011 to Server 2012 R2; implementing FT/HA virtual for DB and AD, in RAID 6.... 1337?

  16. Got to use my 1337 H@x0r skills at work to catch a script kiddie. Buhahahha!

  17. Happy Halloween Binrev H@xors.

  18. Thought a Sys Admin job would be like a rockstar. This is hard work - but learning something new everyday (mostly trial by fire)

  19. Windows Server and Exchange are really goofy.. Cannot see why someone would want cloud-based Exchange over Google Corporate Services. :-$

  20. Snowden is looking VERY Russian as of late. Damn... I thought everyone else was skinny - Americans really are FLUFFY!

  21. Drinking coffee, Pepsi, watching The Matrix, writing Perl, and (kinda) getting paid to do it. :-)

    1. tekio


      Pizza. Frozen, but it covered veggies, dairy, and stuffed crust.

      I had to be double sure on the caffeine thing.

  22. Fresh BIOS update for the XPS 13, and rolling Linux again. Trackpad has not crashed Xorg for 8 hours. Woo hoo!

  23. Time to do some house cleaning: x2 1TB disks in a RAID0 array on my NAS 92% full.

  24. Got my first pair of reading glasses. The good news - I can read and type w/o half guessing what I'm reading/typing. The bad news- I'm wearing reading glasses. :-$

  25. When someone jibs on elance: don't give them the source code, and search for someone else looking for the same thing - change the company name, and sell it for more. Lesson: company names in code should always be a CONSTANT that is easy to edit quickly.