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  1. Seahawks are Wilsons team now? Ok he did great with a legendary secondly: but he forces passes that lost a super bowl and was the difference in an NFC Championship game. Hope he rises up!

  2. 3 - part margarita mix
    1 - part ice

    2 - parts Cabo Wabo
    1 - cute girl with dark hair :-)

  3. Am I like an Interweb star if I made Google Street View? :clover:

    1. Y0ungBra1n


      Woot! That's cool! When and how?

    2. tekio


      I was walking on the sidewalk and saw the google car. Then checked it the other day and.. .there it was. If I can remember you'll understand when I say - it was in bountiful. Actaully close to where you posted that 2600 pic on the freeway. About 5 miles at most from there. Hahaha

  4. Seriously, people at comcast must answer the phone while eating a big jelly donut, sipping on a latte: "thanks for calling, please hold...."

  5. Cabo Wabo Tequila + Shasta Tiki Soda + Ice == Drunk and happy. :-)

  6. Director of I.T. - now that sounds all fancy and shit. :-)

  7. That sarcastic laugh when someone PM's 100 lines of HTML and JavaScript to "hack" for them. "Haha"

  8. Turning into a Salesforce / GP Ninja. And feeling very violated by the whole thing. :-$

  9. I don't like Microsoft Sales Reps. Did I mention I don't like Microsoft Sales Reps?

  10. "I can boot in two seconds now!" Says the Mac Mini that once went "chug, chug, chug" to load an app. :-)

    1. tekio


      It boots in two seconds? How fast does your system boot? :-P

  11. Loved Civil War - had Binrev moment when Stan Lee asked for Mr. Stank.

    1. tekio


      Very end of the movie. He was a postman and had delivery for Tony Stark: "Are you Mr. Stank?"  And I'm saying the Union. Iron Man == Union. Captain America == Confederacy in this one. :-)

    2. StankDawg


      I think we all knew how I would side.

    3. tekio


      Can't blame ya Stank. I'd have told the U.N. to stick it as well. Hahaha

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    I use aliases in 200 lines of SQL because I'm too lazy to type, but have hours to debug.. :-)

  13. I can integrate Salesforce <---> GP Dynamics while drunk!  Imagine if I were stoned!  :-)

  14. Tekio is so sprung on dark haired women with blue eyes. Just don't tell her this.... ;)

  15. If Salesforce were a chick; I'd deny  sex out of spite! 

  16. Admin vs. Hacker ::
    "We do our reports in c-sharp" - "But I just found out the flaw in your c-sharp using Perl?  It has been buggy for two years?"b :P

  17. Just read someone referring to Perl as the modern day Cobol: -Dying a slow and painful death -


    I almost cried. :-(

  18. MS Exchange is a POS. This is email - let's not over-complicate the means to an end, Microsoft.

  19. Using Wireshark to reverse engineer Temp Motoring Coordinator Apps and re-writing alert system in Perl. Getting paid to this.... I <3 I.T. 

  20.  Really misses the old BinRev - around 2005ish - 2007ish.

  21. OMG - Mint install totally got owned by 1337 H@x0rz. :-P

  22. Just installed Linux Mint on my main workstation at work. How cool is that for a Windows Admin??

  23. BinRev is looking good. Keep the nice work, Mr. StankDawg.

  24. Updates for the binrev are looking good. 

  25. Looking good for Denver. But don't get too cocky - the number one offense can score a touchdown (but has trouble with field goals).

    1. tekio


      But so can a good defense, I guess. Looks bleak for Carolina. LoL