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  1. I'll call that a shellacking. Hard to win NFL playoff games when the Lineman are stepping on the QB in their own end zone. 

  2. Layered encryption really wears an HDD out fast!  Thought I had a good idea. :-(

  3. Thought writing would be fun. :-(  Complete new CentOS Admin Tutorial in 3! 1... 2... (wait, my coffee needs refill)... 

  4. My juno mail is getting flooded with Happy Birthday mailers? Would like to see stats on email spikes from registrations on the web. Interesting.....

  5. Your Xfinity WiFi is my '64. ;-)

  6. it should always be: cp -vi. If you futter up the wrong thing, you'll be using VI to update your resume. 

  7. 3 Projects:

    - India AWS API / PHP stuff

    - Greece PHP online network utilities page

    - USA west coast Linux VPS config
    I need plan this shit better! First pizza then SLEEP. 

  8. Unsure what is worse: playing with WordPress sites or a severe case of diarrhea. :-/

    1. tekio



      diarrhea == food in -> shit out

      WordPres == shit in -> shit out.


      Basic Computer Science 101!  ;-)

  9. Currently reading: Web bots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers. :-)

  10. #3 Dangeruss: only 3 picks in over 350 attempts. Looks like that guy did his homework. Go Hawks!

  11. Sipping bourbon, writing code, and wishing binrev people a Happy Gobble, Gobble day.

  12. What ever happened to the old black and green binrev? That was and awesome design. :)

    1. tekio
    2. JCSwishMan33


      Oooooh... Like an oldie-vintage dumb terminal type of color scheme?


      That WOULD be cool.

    3. tekio


      Probably on waybackmachine or another archive. BinRev had a pretty awesome guy doing graphics early 2000ish. He had kind of a techno/grunge style. He is probably making bank now, however... VERY talented person.

  13. Does anyone really read the first 30 pages of a book that explain the book? Maybe I've just gotten good at baptism by fire when reading a book?  

    1. tekio


      The Book of Mormon makes really great kindling.  Those pages will get a fire stoked damn quickly and the flames keep evil away. :-)

  14. Tekio 2016:

    • Apache License Xfinity infrastructure 
    • nuke opposition of net neut. 
    • all settings on leased TelCo/ISP equipment accessible OR 1) no lease fee can be charged. 2) they need to pay monthly royalties  to the open source community for kernels their devices are running on.  
  15. Congrats to the Cubs! I know they have a fan on BinRev.

  16. Xfinity HotSpots are jamming the 2.4Ghz range. Where is the FCC to protect consumers who oppose this? 

  17. Thinking that using a Linux is the only way to keep privacy intact at this point in tech life. Long live Tux! 
    1. dinscurge


      maybe :P what about dem site breaches like the hosting for linux mint, ubuntu forums. i mean  anything affiliated with a company in the us probably not free from possible gov inquiries same as google and who ever else. soo.. probably more obscure stuff where less of a target for hacks and stuff on a userbase basis, or a roll your own

    2. tekio


      Dins, no offense, but I see your tech level at about a script-kiddie with potential. Nothing you post has earned tons of respect from me. Sorry - but honesty presents the best outcome at times. :-)

    3. dinscurge




      was saying the distro of choice makes a difference, being say cononical had that spyware thing where they gave information to amazon, or linux mint had their servers compromised, and had the iso replaced with one which had been modified.


      would probably lean towards more strictly community based, or a roll your own(lfs), but mainly researching the distro in question, the default configuration(s) they are not at all created equally, assuming one wanted to be certain it was spyware free/secure.

  18. Tekio loves drinking coffee and programming all night. :-)

  19. Actually got to use my MCSE subletting skills ay work today. No Solarwinds Subnet Calculator needed. Buwhahahaha

  20. Apple is funny... Feature number two: we took away a feature so you need new headphones, too.

  21. People from China cannot drive! OMG - are they dangerous....

  22. Want a "cute" ultraportable Linux laptop. Sold the Dell 9344 on eBay with dreams of Linux running on a MacBook from eBay. :-)

  23. Somehow found myself ass deep in telephony today. Punchdown blocks?? I thought Ethernet cable was messy. :-$

    1. docx


      hahahhaha!!!! I remember the first time that happened to me! 


      that was a very cool thing to learn though - using the fingers that is!

    2. tekio


      Uhm... it is fast... but probably would not recommend during business hours. But 110 volts is doable... long as one doesn't hit their head on something falling down.

    3. docx


      Ehh it was never anything that jolting to me -- I was also an admin of a very large modem bank (over 60) and it seemed like somehow when I hit those it was a bit more of a "shocker" than the normal pbx handsets.. Then again it may have been the vicodin..... 

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  24. Static NAT!  This is an awesome concept I used for the first time today. My eyes were never so wide open. :-)