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  1. Sorry, bout dat, guess the muskets do have riffling.

  2. frogbong? I once had a really cool unicorn bong till my granny threw it away cuz it stunk.. lulz

  3. Dude, you disappeared again!

  4. Well, if you ever make to Snowbird in the states shoot me a message... We'll show all the local secrets.....if you want to ride ride some nice powder... :P

  5. hehe your a http pimp. Where do you snowboard?

  6. OMG, your member number, 13361, is kinda 1337..

  7. Dude, where have ya been?

    I've not seen you around for a while.

  8. Another one and more starz..

  9. Glad to see 9.04 worked out for ya..

  10. See a Dr. dude! He'll probably give something strong for the pain.

    Hope ya get well.

  11. Hey, Happy Birthday dude.....

  12. I gave you 5 stars... lol

  13. I(F you ever get a chance read Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War by Robert Cantrell.....

    It explains how the US Military has interpreted it and expanded on his philosophies

  14. Chicks with guns scare me...

  15. Art of War: great book. Lessons learned can be used in most any area of life.....

  16. thanx again!

  17. resident chix0r magnet: lol nice.

  18. Ditto..... Keep it up, as people are learning a lot from them.

  19. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  20. Cool personal photo.

  21. LOL... I just read that article.