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  1. Sold my 1st Gen. iPad, and reluctantly got a Samsung Galaxy 2 7". I must admit, on a tablet, Android really kicks iOS in the balls......

    1. TheFunk
    2. tekio


      I can actually develop apps and put them on a device without the blessing of Apple iGastapo.

      Seems to use MUCH less resources than iOS

      More apps available

      THere are actually apps on Google Play that allow me to sniff network traffic, WiFi stumblers, LAN Enumeration apps.

      Most books are cheaper off google play than iBooks

      IMO, Android gives the user more options to extend the "user experience". I can change how it navigates, use cu...

    3. tekio


      That list was A LOT longer, but was truncated when submitted. Have I proven my point? Or should I keep going?