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  1. tekio any information on what john is?please John the Rippoer, it's is used to crack unix password files like the one attached to the original post. Just google John the Ripper to find it. Once downloaded read the manual and try to crack the Unix password file from my previous post.
  2. Here practice using John... isn't really hacking though.
  3. When working at AOL all the computers were locked down with local Group Policies. I simply brought in my Windows 98 disc, went to start>help typed in something like cmd and there is this little icon with something like, "click here to run cmd", got a DOS command shell. Next, copy d:\whatever\poledit.exe c:\poledit.exe. Then finally c:\;> poledit.exe. Happily changed my themes and wallpapers, browsed the Internet etc.... Don't know if this was much of a hack though.
  4. SolarWinds has a DNS tool in the Engineers suite that will resolve a range of IP addresses to DNS names using the current DNS settings on your computer. If you want to go the free route posted is a CLI PHP script I made a long time ago to do a similar thing. I hate to post this because it is really quick and dirty, but hope it helps. If you want to use the authorative name server just change your DNS settings <?php function usage() { print("usage: php gethost.php -s aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd -e aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd\n"); } function valIP($ip_1,$ip_2) { if($ip_1 > $ip_2) { return False; } else { return True; } } //make sure input is correct, if not do usage() if($argc < 5 || ($argv[1] != "-s") || ($argv[3] != "-e")) { usage(); } else { $sip = $argv[1 +1]; $eip = $argv[3 +1]; $count = 0; } if(!preg_match("/^(\d{1,3}?)\.(\d{1,3}?)\.(\d{1,3}?)\.(\d{1,3}?)$/",$sip) || !preg_match("/^(\d{1,3}?)\.(\d{1,3}?)\.(\d{1,3}?)\.(\d{1,3})$/",$eip) || !valIP(ip2long($sip),ip2long($eip))) { die("ip address or range invalid"); } elseif((ip2long($sip) == -1 || ip2long($sip) == False) || (ip2long($eip) == -1)) { die("ip address is invalid"); } else { for($i=ip2long($sip); $i <= ip2long($eip); $i++) { if(long2ip($i) != gethostbyaddr(long2ip($i))){ fwrite(STDOUT,long2ip($i) ." ======> " . gethostbyaddr(long2ip($i)) . "\n"); $count++; } } fwrite(STDOUT,"Scan complete!! $count hosts resolved\n"); } ?>