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  1. The whole premiss of the original statement was Haiburton subsidiarities profiting to the tune of 17 billion of the iraq war. While being the fact their business model relies solely on Government contracts.

    Then Cheney and former Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld being a part of and profiting of it. While advisers took the opposite approach. These folks are in no way profiting from GE.

  2. I need that script to increse pageviews.. will you give it to me..plz..thanx It depends on the site, and how it is coded. If it were me, I'd get about 500 proxies, and use PERL and LWP. With each http request switch a proxy so it looks like it is coming for a different IP address. Also, randomly change the HTTP User Agent as well as any other HTTP variables that are sent to the server hosting the "page views" script. this is my favorite site to use when making stuff like that: http://web-sniffer.net/ Also, it is possible to make a script detect an attack like that which uses proxies. It's highly unlikely the developer has thought that far in advance unless it has been an issue for the site in the past. P.S. I could code something for you in about 10 minutes. But if I did all the work, you wouldn't learn anything. EDIT: make sure you close each LWP instance after sending a request. That way, if the developer checks cookies to see if the site has already ++ the counter with a particular machine. You might need to accept cookies, too.
  3. For the air supperiority fighters, like the F-35, F-16, F-22, and the F-18 travel to high and too fast to be taken out with anti-aorcraft guns.

    Neither has access to stuff like ground to air heat-seeking stinger missiles. For explosives they have IED's, that's about it.

    Anyway no fighters have been deployed...

  4. Maybe a bomber, not a fighter....

  5. Yeah. I heard those F-22's are going down from being pelted with AK-47 fire. Actually neither the talibahn or iraqi insurgents have anything that could take down a US Fighter.

    Not one "fighter" went down from enemy fire in the first desert storm.

  6. If you want to learn to "hack", the main things you will need to become proficient in, from a technical point are: - networking - programming - computer hardware - Various operating systems (including windows) - TCP/IP and UDP as well as the more common protocols that use it (HTTP, sFTP, SSH, etc..) - common security practices and pitfalls in each of the above. Like systems_glitch pointed out, you need to decide where you want to go. To one up that, you'll need to decide how much time you want to spend in front of a computer. If you want to get to the point where you're writing buffer overflow exploits with your own shell-code, and getting it to execute on a remote system... You're gonna be front of a computer most of your free time. EDIT: I don't know about the "hacking for dummies" books. But, I've read all the Hacking Exposed books, and would recommend them once a person has the technical background to understand what it is that is happening, and how the described attacks work. Not only that, but the Hacking Exposed editions also describe the process of securing a box against each attacks.
  7. Is convinced Airport Extremes and Express routers, are the most unsecure in the world. Not really an Apple factor, but a "typical Apple user" factor.

  8. "reverse engineering" the authenication process of Apple Airport Extreme's. They should not have SNMP emables with a cs of "public" by default!

    1. tekio


      Looks like each Airport Utility has a public key stored in the software. Also looking like they use SNMP for configuration changes.

      Wonder if these OID's can be accessed via port 161 with a default community string of "public'. :)

      Making a perl app to bruteforce non-standard OID's to see what I can get! :)

    2. tekio


      Also, I cannot believe how many airport SOHO routers are in use! Using scanrand aimed at port 5009, then sending a 128-byte message to the port will reveal if it's an airport. They respond with an encrypted message, BUT each message is started and ended in clear text with:

      app: start message

      END| to end the message.

  9. True that. I'd go so far as to say, that should be posted on the box and disclosed in advance of purchase. That's really an antitrust issue, IMO. As it does by definition "prevent competition". I've never even heard of that until reading this post. Been reading up on it all night. I've read some forum posts from people who need to replace hard-drives and have this problem. Crap, Apple doesn't even go to that extreme. :-/
  10. Indeed, we must have different models. Mine is the 110-1000, which from what I'm able to tell is supposed to be the "low end" model. I guess they wanted you to buy the higher end model for nicer features! Mine also lacks an external card slot, except for SD. Sure, and I'd gotten that working, as well as it can be expected to work anyway. It's not an elegant solution for a wireless driver, and it requires that I build the firmware from source every time I upgrade my kernel...which, since I run Arch Linux, is fairly often. Aside from its driver licensing problems, it's just not that great of a card...generates a lot of interrupt load when heavily utilized, doesn't do Wireless-N, et c. Just googled. Mine is a lot older than yours. I have one of the first HP 110's, with the aluminum shell. Broadcom chipsets are actually better than most. The B43 are decent. They do most processing on the chipset, and not the CPU. Broadcom is the only manufacturer I know of that puts promiscuous mode support in their drivers (of course only on Windows and OS X, i think). They do have other chipsets that are great for Linux. I'd rather have a broadcom chipset than a high end Intel. Getting a netbook, you can't expect too much. They were crappy designs aimed at consumers that already had a desktop and notebook. So sub-$300 was what they had to work with. I mean you can't expect to pay $300 for a complete system and have a wireless chipset with two radios (to support A/B/G/N) or even wireless N at 2.4Ghz. I mean a USB adapter with two radios to support 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz is gonna cost in the are of $50, easy. Thats 1/6 the price of a brand spaninking new netbook.
  11. I've never had any problems with my HP 110. I use a Ubiquity mini PCMCIA card in it with an external antenna. Maybe we have different subversions of the 110. The thing I liked abou the HP BIOS, at least in mine, is that it will boot from the sd card slot! Very convenient feature. FYI: If you didn't know (took me a while to find this out), the broadcom can be used in linux. The problem was the firmware that is stored locally on the hard-drive and is executed by the broadcom chip set is proprietary and could not be included in the Linux kernel. There is a utility to extract the firmware from other broadccom drivers. I think it's call B43-cutter, not sure though...
  12. Download the Low Orbiting ION Cannon and try haxing gayman's site @
  13. You're just way too clever for me. :P

  14. Who was the high-ranking official with those companies?

    Cheney was very high in the the government and haliburton. Haliburton secured most all contracts for the war. Look at their financial statements.

    Thanks for setting me straight, tho. :P

  15. Not Run DMC... But Run32.exe. That's the only thing I know. Try google or some Windows development forums. Those guys are hackers, too. Their hats are just a lighter shade of gray than most in here....
  16. Don't forget one of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-Voice-Changer-VC-300-Mini-Gadgets-/190689797475#vi-content Unless, you're planning a suicide mission or want to get busted. (I'm sure it would only result in a few days detention if you do)
  17. Huh? You mean GW?? Don't forget to start his own personal war, that made the former vice pres. Dick Cheney a RICH man: http://www.commondreams.org/views05/1117-22.htm

  18. Watching The Pirates of Silicon Valley! Am I lame for thinking this show is kinda cool???

  19. -> feels like he just Haxed the Gibson! :P

  20. I'd suggest PHP, PERL, or PYTHON. With C you're gonna spend too much time on theory, learning the intricacies of data types and such. With the other languages it's gonna be a lot more fun starting out. Within a month you'll actually be writing small but useful applications. I tried to learn C as my first language and it was so boring I quit. Then about a year later started learning PHP and found it much more fun. Don't get me wrong C is a great and very powerful language. But for someone new programming it can be intimidating and boring at first. Once you're good with PHP, PERL, or Python, learning C will be a lot easier, too.
  21. Yes! Gentoo will force you to learn Linux. Just don't copy & paste all the configuration commands from the install guide. Go thru the install and learn what is going on and why. To look cool, use Gentoo and PERL. But tell everyone Linux and PERL suck, and you only program in C and run nothing but FreeBSD.
  22. OP: if you cannot find something that has the masking options you need, try JTR's advanced rule sets. While kinda complex, they provide a lot of flexibility. JTR can be put in a mode to just generate a custom word list from rules.
  23. Your brain. Or get something that uses a good encryption algorithm on a smartphone/handheld. Just don't lose the device..... I found one for my phone, uses 256bit blowfish and wipes itself if so many bad passwords are entered... It can be adjusted to not wipe the database on bad logins, but that is the only known vuln... to guess the password. So I set that. Just backup the database (the backup IS encrypted, too). The name is mSecure. It was one of the pricier passwd management apps in the App CapStore. I think in the $4.99 - $9.99 range. It's available on driod as well.
  24. Before the competition figure out the exact versions of the servers to be installed. Get very familiar with them, and any known security flaws. Practice running drills till you guys get it down, and could do it in your sleep in under 5 minutes.
  25. Your brain. Or get something that uses a good encryption algorithm on a smartphone/handheld. Just don't lose the device..... I found one for my phone, uses 256bit blowfish and wipes itself if so many bad passwords are entered... It can be adjusted to not wipe the database on bad logins, but that is the only known vuln... to guess the password. So I set that. Just backup the database (the backup IS encrypted, too).