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  1. Use this generator: http://jorisvr.nl/wpapsk.html That hash is not formatted correctly. The hash should be 32 bytes, not 16 bits as you stated. Upgrade Cain & Abel from a reliable source: www.oxid.it
  2. none at all just trying to make the point that, it doesnt have to be able to recognize a banana with a webcam to be able to reply to you saying that your eating a banana. You just confuse me sometimes. I mention "AI" programming, but you went off stating it may not need to be "full blown AI". Guess I'm just too logical. When I say "AI", I mean "AI". Not "AI" that is not full-blown "AI". Did that make sense?
  3. i agree to a point but depending on the outcome you want, the purpose for it it may not have to be a full blown "ai" as in sifi, like if you just want something that can 'talk' it really only needs to "know" how to reply to phrases correctly, like if you say hi, it reply, hello, whats up, how are you?, sup?, or other replys. it doesnt have to know what hello means just what to reply with. even down to like a parlor trick, which would be, i made one that was it made a file with the word/phrase as the name such as "hello", and inside is the reply, when you type into it hello (press enter) it searches for a file hello if doesnt find anything it makes one, replys, "how would i reply to hello?" (or similar) if the user types in a reasonable response then the end effect is achieved, then another dialog like press 1 to continue the conversation, or press 2 for a different way to reply, and then append the files with a number such as hello1, hello2 then it can generate a number and have a 'random' response. the problems are it takes forever to fill out the database/ "teach" it, and the end effect is a bloated database of thousands/10's 100's thousands of text files with no extensions, which the batch file did use 7za/ also makecab/extrac32 to compress the /database folder where all of the files where stored. but i digress, if you were to brake it down into multiple databases, say verb, noun, descriptor, it would take some doing but it would be someodds doable Just out of curiosity, how much AI programming have you done?
  4. Mixed opinions about last night. Obama is back for another term, but he's not the only one that can balze the Ganja in Seatown now! :)

  5. Mis-read The Funk's post. DELETED (kinda) But, I agree, AI programming is for top-notch programmers and not for the average or slightly above average programming mind....
  6. Like Bit Viper stated, most high-end IDE's do "code stepping" to show the code and its output. Sometimes using debuggers that have good "code stepping" makes finding logical errors a lot easier than just analyzing code, trying to think how the computer is executing the code. However, sometimes spending time thinking out the logic helps learn to code better as well. Most good programmers (which I am not) spend time thinking about logic without even programming. That is one reason countries like India and Russia produce some great programmers. Schools don't always have an ample supply of systems for students to experiment with. They teach programming by training themselves to think logically. It's kind of difficult to explain, but once you've been coding for a while, you'll be able to look at a task or need. Then just develop an outline of the program in your head instantly without even writing any code.
  7. When you say usable, what do you mean? What needs to be usable? What shell? Bash?
  8. Would you like to play a game?

  9. I sometimes got by 454 cid. I'm more of Chevy guy, and on a rare occasion can be found in a 1968 Corvette Stingray.
  10. If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, And the bus is interrupted as a very last resort, And the address of the memory makes your floppy disk abort, Then the socket packet pocket has an error to report! If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash, And the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash, And your data is corrupted 'cause the index doesn't hash, Then your situation's hopeless, and your system's gonna crash! You can't say this? ...

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      --- Gene Ziegler

  11. If you like football and follow the NFL at all it's pretty damn funny: http://www.totalprosports.com/2012/10/05/what-if-nfl-quarterbacks-were-all-friends-on-facebook-pics/?ref=nf
  12. Write a new driver for the mouse. Joking... Windows can only do so much. It provides a basic driver to handle the most mundane functions. Check the manufacturers website for better mouse drivers. I had a Razor Gaming mouse that once the third party drivers were installed they gave access to more granular settings. You might also want to try google. I'm sure somewhere, someone has created some application that provides additional functions to the basic MS vanilla drivers.
  13. To learn any kind of programming I've found it more useful to just read code than books. Books are good for theory, syntax, and starting out. But, IMO, the best programers write code, not books.
  14. I'm trying to reproduce these results, and the furthest I got was with this list of steps: 1. install suse 11.3, and bring all packages up to date for that version of the distro 2. replace kvm kmods with kvm-kmod-, patched with kmod patches from https://github.com/saucelabs/mac-osx-on-kvm.git 3. mount lion install "iso" image on my Mac, delete AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext, unmount/"eject", copy "doctored" install image to Linux 4. run this: qemu-kvm -M mac -osk "our...Inc" -m 2048 -cpu core2duo -hda ./mac_hdd.img -usb -usbdevice mouse -usbdevice keyboard -bios bios-mac.bin -kernel ./Chameleon_RC5_Trunk_Binaries_r668/i386/boot -drive id=cdrom,file=./mod_leopard.iso -monitor stdio where mac_hdd.img is an empty qcow2 image created with qemu_img, and mod_leopard.iso is my "doctored" DVD install image sans the AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext. I get to the desktop wallpaper and a spinning beach ball, but no further than that. Does anyone on this forum who did get this to work in the past have a command line laying about they'd be willing to share ? Are you referring to OS X in a virtual machine on a Suse host? This thread is pretty old. When it was started some people were still running Tiger. Now, there are pre-made VMware and Virtual Box images that work right off the bat.
  15. Thanks a lot! Well I did some more research, found out and read about PuTTY and (eventually I'll get some sort of linux OS, but atm still using windows XP) downloaded it. I had to manually enable remote login to open port 22 on his machine, but now I can connect via ssh! The only problem now is he won't tell me his password. I'm aware that a bruteforce attack can run a wordlist and eventually find his password, but I'm not really sure how to do this. I'm gonna do some more research into this but any more advice would be greatly appreciated! I don't think you're gonna get too many responses. I'm just mentioning this to help you ask better questions in the forums. I'm not trying to be a "tattle-tale". Asking flat-out how to break into a computer has been mentioned to be against forum rules. If you are curious about how dictionary attacks work, that would be a different story. But you mentioned that the knowledge was needed to break into your friend's computer.
  16. OS X doesn't ship with telnet. Telnet is old and really not used much for system access because it transmits authentication info over the network in clear text. OS X does ship with ssh. ssh allows remote admin over a "secured channel". But SSH is not enabled by default. Welcome to the forums!
  17. Why not stalk the old fashion way? Following her, peaking in windows, harassing every other guy she talks to, etc.... It's just as creepy......
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ffey5X2Lgo&sns=em Not sure how accurate this is. I guess in a few hours we'll know.....
  19. Sold my 1st Gen. iPad, and reluctantly got a Samsung Galaxy 2 7". I must admit, on a tablet, Android really kicks iOS in the balls......

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      I can actually develop apps and put them on a device without the blessing of Apple iGastapo.

      Seems to use MUCH less resources than iOS

      More apps available

      THere are actually apps on Google Play that allow me to sniff network traffic, WiFi stumblers, LAN Enumeration apps.

      Most books are cheaper off google play than iBooks

      IMO, Android gives the user more options to extend the "user experience". I can change how it navigates, use cu...

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      That list was A LOT longer, but was truncated when submitted. Have I proven my point? Or should I keep going?

  20. if the purpose is to just have better stability/easier maintenance, if security isnt a big concern can always just run without grabbing updates until really want bsd is good choice, stuff like debian stable where if you do eventually get updates/upgrade dont really have to worry about stuff breaking has the sophisticated enough packagemanager it will grab all the dependancies ect.. can update it once a year if you want wont break anything . the older software has been worked to death much of the distros/flavors that arent so cutting edge will have good stability/upgrades/updates easily I tried debian stable once. It was a nightmare. To run a lot of modern stuff (by modern I'm talking not older than one year), it needed to be mixed with testing for modern libraries. Just to run stuff like the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. (I always compile PHP source). Also, that's how I got my introduction to compiling a kernel. Sadly, it turned into one big custom kernel, apt-get configuration nightmare.
  21. Give FreeBSD a try. Not sure if it's an Asterisk juggernaut like Linux, but it really is a decent operating system. Personally, I like Linux. But monthly kernel updates are a pain in the ass sometimes. One never knows what is gonna break, whether hardware support or applications, and it can be really frustrating on production boxes as well as desktops that are needed to be running for critical reasons. I guess no other operating system has much on that though. A high end Mac will outdated in about four years. And Windows Server costs a fortune to run in an work environment with over 50 users, too. (i know Windows "sucks" but Windows Server is pretty good at what it was designed for, it's just too expensive.).
  22. I'm too lazy to google for you. But there are basically four ways to defeat a BIOS protected passwd. Each will be effective against different BIOS implimentations, versions, and hardware manufacturers. 1) Leave laptop unplugged and take the CMOS battery out. Let laptop sit for a while and discharge. All CMOS settings will be erased and when the system boots, default settings will be used. 2) If the BIOS protection authentication is more secure it will be stored in EPROM. This is usually on higher end notebooks. I've seen it a lot on older IBM Thinkpads and Toshiba systems. On the Thinkpads, the system will fail to boot if the EPROM gets erased or corrupted. There are ways to get around this, but you will need to use Google. It's been a while and requires some knowledge. Sometimes putting a new EPROM module in will work, so long as the original isn't soldered to the main board. 3) Enter an unlock code. You'll need to google and research for yourself. Also, there are a few guys on eBay that have reversed engineered the algorithms to generate and unlock code and made their own software that has not been made available to the public. If you seek one of these out, just make sure it's not some joker using publicly available software and charging for it. 4) factory "back doors" Google both for manufacturers and model of laptop as well as the BIOS maker and BIOS version. Each has been known to use these and some have been discovered and posted in the public domain. Good Luck!
  23. I wish. That sounds pretty cool. Where I live the three accredited universities all have close-out lots where they sell all their out-dated tech stuff pretty cheaply. I've picked up some old Sparc Stations, and other cool stuff. If nothing else, it's fun to go and look at all the stuff. Guaranteed, any true geek will find something that is worth buying, and for a good price. I never even knew these existed till I saw one featured on the local news one night. I then did some research and sent out a few emails, to find out other schools in the area have these "surplus" lots as well. Probably not half as cool as the thing at MIT though.
  24. Here are some links that should prove useful: https://www.golemtechnologies.com/articles/shell-injection#how-to-test-if-website-vulnerable-to-command-injection http://www.blackhatlibrary.net/Command_Injection Common practice is to find use simple "fuzzing" techniques on public domain script and "inurl:" searches with google or bing. It's really easy to write a PERL script looking for common vulns. PERL you want to look for stuff like: open() system() exec() Anything that passes commands to the operating system, uploads anything. Or even writes to - and names a file. For example, if a script writes form data to a text file.... Then names the file something like <user name>.txt, you could try creating a user named pwner.php๴. If encoded and terminates reading it with a null string, it might execute. When the file is written, and decoded it would be: pwner.php%00.txt. To execute from commands for POST and GET requests, it's common to use ";" "&&" "|", or even an encoded version of each. Anything that will properly execute additional commands. Kind of like a union select statement and commenting out the rest of the old SQL in MySQLi attacks.