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  1. floppy? I'll have to visit a museum to get one of those. 8"- 5" - or 3"? Double density? Haha! Sorry couldn't help myself with that. :-P
  2. I have not played around with that in a long while: before XP SP 3. I think the SAM only stores user account information. For example: all users you create should be in the SAM. However, builtin accounts like "System" are not in the SAM. They don't need to authenticate like a user does. Domain account names are different. They are stored in Active Directory or the SAM file on a domain server. Older pre-Windows 2K servers (NT 4) store them in the SAM on the Domain Controller. Now, A.D. stores domain account credentials. I guess that is to protect the domain if local physical access is compromised. Which makes sense: you cannot access network resources unless online. I know Windows now has offline files access, but I think it probably uses some other form to authenticate if a user is allowed access to the offline file, like local permissions.
  3. Personally, for what you are doing, I'd choose XML. Maybe just because I'm a little more comfortable with creating more complex objects with XML -vs- JSON. JSON would be your best choice if you wanted to pull objects over http. For example a MUD type thing: where objects are requested over HTTP. Locally, I'd choose XML for more complex objects. Again, that's just me. I'm not saying XML is better. XML, for sure is much more difficult to parse and is more complex. You can use a database for the same thing. But it's really not practical. Since the database needs to queried all the time. Where XML objects can be loaded into memory. Again, you could do the same thing with a database. But it's gonna be slower and more complicated... As far as parsing; I don't really think creating your own parser might the best idea. There are plenty out there for XML and JSON in C. Each are already averrable, and have been tweaked for performance and elegance. Making a decent parser (depending on the complexity), can be a project in-and-of itself.
  4. Free the Ukraine! :-P
  5. ^^^ What he said. I hate parsing XML. Neither Perl or PHP are fun, so C would probably be a pain in arse.
  6. Sounds pretty cool. Any game where there is fighting off bandits is awesome in my book. I don't really do much in C. But expat can parse XML in C? Maybe write a function for move boxes. Then have all the characteristics for that function in an XML file? As well as XML files with characteristics the shop owner, you're moving boxing for? So.. if like: the user types "move boxes", but is talking to a bandit, it checks an XML file for "bandits" and they don't understand "move boxes" (its not listed in the XML as something a bandit would know). They shoot, or even ask, "Where are these boxes and what is in them?". You could even like synonyms files for different objects. When the bandits here an action followed by "gold", "boxes", "money", etc... they could respond with "What (goldIboxes|money)?". Just an idea. Sounds like an interesting project.
  7. Think I'm gonna start "blogging". Nothing like wanting to get paid for being a person with a computer, Internet, and opinion. :-)

  8. WiFi keeps skipping. Maybe I should daisy chain an 5.2Ghz N router to run all my media? Just asking too much of my current router, I think....

  9. I'm not too you're going to find anyone will to sign up and learn this stuff just to teach you how to design and develop your own boards. More than likely someone would sign up and learn this stuff to develop and sell their own boards. Honestly, asking someone to sign up and learn embedded development of a niche CPU manufacturer is asking a lot of anyone. Maybe try seeking some forums or other places where AMD embedded developers engage in a community to share information?
  10. That's pretty cool. In all honesty, I'm about ready to give up OS X for Linux again. With Chrome Apps that can run like regular applications on Linux (through Chrome's Node JS engine), there are a lot more options for cute (and sometimes very handy) "apps" like OS X, now. Let me ask you this glitch (since I have a feeling you might use something on Linux): what's a good code snippet manager for Linux? That is really the one thing I have not been able to find a decent Linux app for. I've tried a few Chrome based apps for this, but most were either flaky or stored all snippets on Github. I just don't like stuff "in the cloud". My main reason for shunning OS X now.
  11. I really hate to be the lame one and say call the police. But call the police. Physical abuse and "cyber" stalking are never a good combination. Kind of like drinking and driving, certain things never produce good results. OH... There is always the option of concealed weapons training and licensing for her as well.
  12. I like going into Best Buy and asking if a $3500 Mac Pro will make my gmail run faster. Then when they say either: "yes" -or- "possibly". I ask, "What can I do with that I could not do with that $350 Acer on the other aisle.?" "Can I get on the Internet with the Acer too?", "Can I read email on the Acer too?". "The Acer must not have as fast Internet or less RAM? Right?".
  13. I like Terminal in OS X. I can copy and paste using the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe now, I'll google and figure out how to get XFCE and Gnome Terminal to do that. I'm sure it's possible, and I just need to RTFM. One thing that is weird about Terminal in 10.10, it has an option for "secure keyboard entry". I'm really skeptical about this: 1) Why is it an option? Why does it assume people want "key loggers" to be able to access keystrokes? 2) Why only in terminal? Why not in Safari? 3) How can it work? Unless it uses a different driver and needs to be signed by Apple's key? Who knows.. maybe one day I'll have time to google it.
  14. IDK... as long as its tabbed and easily customizable. No scroll back would suck for debugging compile errors. All errors could be sent to text and stdout can put into a text file as well. I'm sure there are also compiler flags for GCC to immediately stop and just display the first error causing all the additional errors. But needing to make conscious effort to change the way I work, for a piece of software might be a deal breaker. It is nice to have many alternatives to everything though. Especially thinking back to the 90's and how lame webbrowsers on Linux were. I.E. was 98% market share and killed Netscape Navigator. Navigator for Linux really sucked. I'm glad opera was around back then. Or the choices would have been Navigator that was not updated for a few years or Konquorer and its buggy javascript engine.
  15. I like Gnome Terminal. Used Xterm in the past, but got tired of configuring a file to change anything. Sometimes it's nice to change the terminal in real-time and just continue working. Even if the bloat does take some extra resources.
  16. Really confused about USA Today and CNN complaining that white males make more money in technology fields. Yes, we're the ones who chose to stay home on the weekends and write code instead of go out on dates in h. school. So other people are complaining because we have desired job skills now?

  17. I think the simplest way to this would be to use Fake (Fake is an OS X GUI application that lets you script Safari) or even an Automator script. EDIT: You might not want to post the stuff though. (CMA)
  18. What machines is it hitting off? Each hop it is bouncing off should be a router, or "routing device" forwarding packets based on its routing table. I'm not a Cisco I.P. God (pretty far from it actually), but sounds like some routing table issues. I know some routing tables are built dynamically. So that could explain the issue. Or even some nasty wiring that is causing weird loops in the route. You say the i.p. address is associated with a domain? As far as getting rid of unwanted traffic; simply email the owner of the infected computer. It might be good to let him know what is going on, and that you are receiving complaints. Then give him some quick pointers in fixing it. Let him know if the problem goes unresolved, you might need to filter traffic from his system that is causing the problem. I'm guessing from your post, you might not even have access to what IP address is associated with what customer, at what time. That is really not a good thing. Even though there are no laws in the USA to do so, it sometimes can cover your ass in a big way. That's why most ISP's have always used authentication for customers. Maybe implementing something like, 802.1x. IMO, having a bunch of users with no way to track who is doing what, is asking for trouble.
  19. I've notice a big change, a lot of hackers (by hackers, I mean people with an interest in technical security; being white, gray, black hat "hackers") being from India, Pakistan, and other places in the Middle East. It seems there are a lot of new people wanting to learn from these countries, more so than from the USA now. A lot are on Facebook now, I've noticed. Guess it's easier to start a Facebook group than host a domain.. I just mention that because I created a bogus Facebook account to subscribe to Defcon and some other security related groups. Most are from people in the Middle East now. I might also mention (not including Defcon and few other groups), I see a lot of newer people eager to learn and get into it. Makes me wonder if the USA will be able to compete in the future. Here, the media is nothing more than sheeple herders and portrays hacking as "bad, bad, bad, bad". In other countries, form what I've read, its a lot different.
  20. Wondering how the PowerPC architecture has been doing since Apple switching to Intel and ARM support growing. Maybe I'll google this later.

  21. Now THAT is a good plan, thanks a bunch! Great ideas! We've only got about 20 people in our company so I'll suggest forwarding emails to gmail accounts. If management doesn't care to do so maybe I can at least forward my own emails. Going up by tier with a threat of blacklisting is genius though! *borat voice* Very nice high five! When you do, look up the owners of the I.P. ranges from Arin (www.arin.net). Then notify the abuse or technical contact. This is probably one of two things: 1) Apache is set up insecurely and allows proxying emails (and other traffic) 2) A web-hosting reseller gone rogue and getting reseller accounts for nefarious proposes. In either case, the owner of the address ranges will be very concerned about their IP ranges being blacklisted. I've gotten IP addresses on blacklists from a service provider. Its not easy to get them off. Even after that, it takes some large ISP's a while to update their spam filters. It's really a nightmare for an administrator. In the case of situation 2, emailing them directly could result in attacks on your company's network. The owner of the IP range should keep everything obscured as just a legitimate formal complaint.
  22. Yes. When you email the provider be sure to include headers of the email. Any admin will want that. Usually, (in a nice way) tell the admin if this doesn't stop, you'll not only block traffic from all their ip spaces, but submit each ip address (along with proof of spam) to every known blacklist. If that doesn't work, keep escalating up the ladder each tier. You'll usually get some compliance before hitting a backbone provider (ELI, Sprint, AT&T, etc....) Just be sure to include some legitimate proof with your complaints. Eventually you'll get some who cares about their IP ranges being put on Spam black lists. As far as dodging spam, gmail's spam filters are the best. I worked in a small business, and just had everyone forward their mail to gmail and use that. Problem solved. If it's a medium sized business, look into gmail cloud services. For a large business look at some profession spam filter appliances or services for your mail server. Most of the best use gmail spam filters, they use all the open source spam blacklists and user submitted spam to filter for strings likely to be spam. Never submit your email addresses to "take off their list". Those email addresses are gonna go on several lists and be sold and resold. That just confirms they've got a good email address, most of the time.
  23. Assuming you are being "hacked", it is probably coming from your home network. 1) Reformat every partition of every computer on your network and reinstall from a known SECURE source. That means no Warez installed operating systems. Install of opensrouce o/s should only come from a known good domain that has a verified SSL certificate. 2) DO NOT install ANY software where its security is in question. It should pass MD5/SHA1 hash checks and only come from a known good source with a valid SSL certificate. 3) Reset your phone to factory defaults. Reset your router to factory defaults. Reset any tablet etc... to factory defaults. 4) Run wires shark for about 24 hours, looking for any traffic going to an unknown source, possibly in the same country as your attackers. 5) Make sure the firewall is running on your router. Set up a DMZ host that is out of your DHCP scope, so any unsolicited inbound will be routed to an ip-address that will not be up. 6) patch all your computers, routers, tablets, phones, etc... w/ lates vendor updates. 7) Change your public IP address. Two ways to do this, but it depends on your ISP. Sometimes you can just reboot your router. Other times you might need to unplug it for about a week until the lease expires. Other times you can use "clone mac address" reboot your router and it will get a new ip address. They are probably using DDNS or something similar. If you have no malware "phoning home" they will have no idea where you are in your ISP's public range. You might even want to consider getting another ISP.
  24. Obviously Goodell thinks it more important to protect receivers and Peyton M. from getting hit their wives from getting hitting knocked the f*** out.

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      EDIT: on a lighter note: happy b-day, Stank!

  25. o-line looking and receivers were getting open! Go Seahawks!!!

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      *mumble grumble* Packers fan.

      *mumble grumble*

      Week 1

      Seriously though, your team has what it takes to go all the way 2 years in a row.

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      Packers are now slouch either. Not sure if Seattle could pull off a late-season playoff win at lambeau field. Their defense is just gonna get better if peppers and mathews stay healthy all year.