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  1. Okay so I got this second rate gig doing some repair contract owrk for local gas stations as a means of part time income. so I have to have a telnet program to log into there consols. I have a RJ-45 to serial adapter. But what telnet program do i use thats free and how would i use it?
  2. I think I need to get ride of some of this crap...
  3. Well theres not much I'm aloud to say but I can state the obvious about the system. Basically all I'm suppose to do is replace the broken parts which is simple A+ work. How ever sometime we need to log into the system thin client console (**hint hint gas stations) but all they tell me is that i need to have a Ethernet to serial adapter and ""a terminal program on your laptop and know how to set it up to connect to serial"" thats all they told me
  4. Okay I need some help I was working on my friends computer and i backed his data to my flash drive. well i left my flash drive in the machine and went to wipe his drive because he had a pretty intense virus i could not remove even threw registry editing. Now when I was going threw the prompt on the Win setup disk i saw to partitions and one was MBR. so I'm thinking Master Boot Recored or perhaps a file the virus created to back it self up. so i clicked delete partition on both and sets and then click net, when it got to the 2% line it hit me like a ton of freaking bricks. i just deleted my flash drive partition with the files. SO I YANKED THE POWER CORD. now i tried to recover my data from my flash drive but there is no partition so it wont let me get it, and more than likely it is gone. so there goes 10K dollars of work data ( there gonna kill me) is there anyway I can recover the data from hard drive I have multiple computer at my disposal to get use and can remove the hard drive and put it in another machine. Its a XP OS with NTFS and i need to know what kind of software to use that is free to fix this. Please help my dumb @ss
  5. I was adding on to my home network and was running some LAN cables from the front of the house under the floor to the rooms and i was using a stable gun to secure the line, I got the entire thing in but I opposed. I shot a stable threw the cat 5e cable. so I stripped the wire to check the damage and my blue/white strip wire is stripped but not broken. Can I cut the wire and solder it together to make sure it's fully connected. Or should it be fine the way it is?
  6. I went ahead and rerun the wire and then I zip tied the lines and then stabled the zip ties to the beam so as to not ping the line. Crimped the ends and all is well. Thanks for the help guys
  7. Did you just make up bullshit terms? Peroxyde do me a big favor, if your just gonna keep babbling your idiotic, half-baked mumble jumbo, stop posting in my thread which i need serious help on, go out stand on the corner of a brooklen's 19th east street wearing a bright pair of blue pants and a bright red shirt. Then yell out "fo sizzle my nizzel bizzel" and allow the people friendly residents to take you into a dark ally with a big bottle of lube and teach you an extended lesson on when to give your too cents and when to keep you trap shut. thank you for your input and now I don't care to hear anything else from you unless its helpful And ohm thank you for being helpful and for the information. I gonna try to do as you said and see if it will help. thank you and for information I DID NOT OVER WRIGHT THE DATA I just removed the partition info
  8. Because it had there policy numbers, payment modes, accounts number, more info than I can give you and worth more than your eyeballs:| now please stop changing the subject and stick to the topic, how can i fix the partition
  9. $10k worth of data, and there's not ONE other backup anywhere? Sounds like you taught them a very valuable lesson. Good luck with the recovery info, looks like there are some promising leads in this thread. Chances are, someone will have to spend some cash to get it back. yea yea yea I know that this was my fault. I just put the data on there this morning I was wiping my drive to install linux and the i got side step by my friend. I should have backed it up. And I'm self employeed as a private contractor so they can't do to much but possible fire me idk but lets not worry about that right now. Lets fix my drives!!!
  10. Now i deleted the partitions so will the programs be able to fix that?
  11. The biggest problem I'm having is I would have to tare the entire line out and I really cant do that. that if i just slice the wire in 2 and crimp each side and the hook the to RJ-45 modular plugs into a female-female couple??
  12. ' ' Quick Grab bob and ......................... _________ ' lets get the hell .............===0 /\ / \ /\' 0==== outta here!!! ...................|| / 0/ 0 \ || .....(==========================) UFO!!! .....(==========================) .....(==========================) .....(==========================) .............................(||||||) ..............................|||||| ..............................|||||| ..............................||\ /| ..............................|||0|| ..............................||\|/| ..............................||( )| ..............................||/ \| ..............................|||||| ..............................|||||| ...............................| | | .................................| From the Imagineation of a really weird guy. comes SPACE FURRBIES!!!
  13. Well i can't do higher res with this 200k cheapcam i got for $5.99 that fits on my keychain. unless someone has a DIY make crappy cam good cam tutorial they would like to give me :|
  14. Now this is the best I can do with this crappy cam I have, give me a few days and when my roomate gets back into town I can use my 10MP cam he borrowed for his trip.
  15. IRC

    Okay I have decided I want to start up my own IRC Server okay now heres my question....how??
  16. Well first Steven is my name but you can call me steve or jripper. As for how hot its gets in there, it can get pretty damn hot, sometimes if I'm running everything and cooling is on low its can get to be about 90 some degrees. Most of it I try to keep liquid cooled computers at max. You can't really see it but behind the monitors is a air conditonar built into the wall of the apt. I sleep in the other room, this is kinda my office of trade if you will. I actually had alot of those tvs laying around the house and tryed to put them to good use so behind there is a small server attached to a converter attached to the cable line and it allows me to split one tv line accross most of the old tvs. yes im a star wars fan so kiss my (_|_). most of this was given to me or i grabed and fixed outta dumpster diving.
  17. I am a complete newb at Linux and so i decided to set my vista computer to dual boot vista at 90 GB and open SUSE 11 at 20Gb, well all went well and i can chose which one to start from, but my problem is in SUSE I have no wireless internet. I have a router in the house and i can get internet on via vista but i don't know how to get SUSE to do it. Please help so i can get back to learning more.
  18. Well I did a LOT of reading on many sites, contacted some programmers and heads of my dept at my school I.T. center and contacted people at OPENSUSE.COM, read threw a lot of forums and after all this. I was told basically by everyone that something about the chipset and kernel are not compatible. My instructor however was very interested and is gonna start working on this to try and find a solution. I wanted to know if I could run this on any version of SUSE and they said 10.3 does work.
  19. THREAD CLOSED at this time it is not possible to preform this action under Open suse 11 However it is possible on suse 10.3
  20. I need to know if this is possible. I want to route a open network thats about a mile off. Heres a cheap diagram of what I'm trying to do. Bi-quad Satellite Linksys Router Linksys Router(home network-Brodcasting) (Capturing) <-)--_________________{-}_______________===={-}==== I want to take the network i Pick up on with my Bi-quad and brodcast that network in my house like a repeater?
  21. I am able to post by booting into vista, I have suse 11, i downloaded the ndiswrapper and the win driver to my flash drive and booted into suse, and i don't know what to do now, suse see the install file as unknown type. I'm starting to irritated because nothing I'm doing is working and yast software manager doesn't help either
  22. well how do i do this with no network connection, i mean i am a complete newb, i'll download it to a flash drive but what then?
  23. Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter
  24. I have been backing up my video collection and some of the videos I have are TV shows like I have "House" (idk why i like it) any how I backed them up to my computer and they are in AVI or WMP or something to that effect and are about 400MB a piece, now I want to burn them to a back up DVD I have so I can store and catalog them. But I also want to be able to stick them in my DVD player at my house if something happens to my originals. I'm a n00b at DVD burning except for basic mass storage, I have DVD-R's. Now I have lost a few of the originals DVD's due to little brothers and them not being able to not touch lolz. So first 1. I need a free program to help. I have god forbid Vista, so I have by default A. Windows DVD Maker B. Windows Movie Maker (I already have the movies so not really relevant that I know of) C. Disk Creator D. DVD Movie Factory for Toshiba 2. I will need a step by step Tutorial or someone to please explain in detail for my very special self. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ripper