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  1. where did you go? fearz

  2. I never really messed around with Embarq much at all... but I do know that their uber-technical term for ringback number is 'dial revert number' or 'dial revert code' -- so if you're going to ask around, if 'ringback' doesn't "ring a bell" with them, try asking if they have the dial revert number or dial revert code. You know, I'm thinking that AT&T might be able to tell you, but I'm not certain. See if you have any luck with Embarq first. If not, let me know and I'll PM a couple of AT&T numbers for you to experiment with. NPA 252 is rough, because it's fairly barren of phreaks. Did you try the main RBOC that Embarq snags its switching services from? BTW, did you try 511, 777, and 811+[last 4 digits of your number]? (I didn't see those mentioned in your list) Good luck! /ab EDIT: I just remembered, 888-837-8274 *used* to do ringback [+ anac] nationwide. I'm not sure if it still works anymore, though, since I haven't used it in years. In other words, it most probably doesn't, but it's worth trying.
  3. I have a cookie with your name on it, bro :D

  4. Hey you, what's up?

  5. hah. You're 80s cinema deprived, I think?... Rent "Better Off Dead" when you get a chance. :)

  6. nope, but I lived out there for quite a while...

  7. Sweet. Do an http://books.google.com search for "Basic Concepts for Managing Telecommunications Networks". Now read the book that comes up.
  8. Why not just sign up for one of the internet services that will ring you at each/all of the phones (probably your own! ) that you specify (you can add or remove any you want rather easily via webpage)...? I'm using GrandCentral right now; it's turned out to be super handy (especially for cascading calls through different numbers for anonymity purposes), and gives me the merit of having a totally independent number to give out so I can NOT receive calls if I want, just by turning all the forwarding off. Also, with phone company forwarding you're likely to be charged toll charges if you're forwarding to a number in a different NPA or rate center, if I remember correctly (Do I? ThoughtPhreaker, Royal or someone else, please correct me if I am wrong here); With one of these internet-based central forwarding numbers the extra toll charging is avoided (also nice is that you can specify any NPA you choose, within reason -- so you can save frequent callers toll charges by setting up a number that is local to them, for instance). I think it's important, btw, not to mix up Call Forwarding with Call Forwarding Variable (CFV) (<-- Royal beat me to it! ). Regular basic Call Forwarding is pretty much just a binary thing: you set a stationary number for the phone to forward to, and you either dial to turn it on and/or dial to turn it off. The key difference is that CFV allows you to change the number (hence call forwarding 'variable', the 'variable' being the number being forwarded to) when and as you like. This *could* be the price difference you saw, but I didn't look it up so it also might not. Ahh, now CFV was a great thing to play with back in the 90s and early 00s (especially if you had switch access or access to someone with switch access) but I think it's becoming less crucial as more consumer options open up and become available (especially for free, thanks to the net)... Of course, if you still have switch access, and set CFV on certain numbers, there are still tasty vittles out there to be had, but that's another subject entirely. For brevity's sake, let's just say that for all the knowledge I have or once had, none of that knowledge got me nearly as far or garnered as much false credibility and associated informational renumeration as a few temporary phone numbers with a few well placed forwards properly applied (*ahem*). Anybody else with these sorts of fond memories? Oh, another neat tidbit about call forwarding; there's a variant of call forwarding on your line already if you get your home voicemail through your phone company. Not that that will do you any good in the billing department typically. Did you check feature packages? Verizon and most of the other telcos offer "feature package" deals, where you can choose a certain number of features at a semi-reduced rate, if you're dead-set on sticking with the landline method (don't get me wrong, there are definitely upsides to either option). When I was using telco-based voicemail, and had 3way, call waiting with caller ID notification, and another feature which escapes me right now, it wound up being cheaper, for me, to sign up for a package, and it seemed logical to choose CFV as my other option.
  9. Dude, you're from AU?

  10. Normally I'd answer differently but "something I can not live without" is my answer right now. I need a car badly. This would buy me a car. No contest, then. You gotta spend money to make money, but you gotta have money to spend it.
  11. Okay, Ark... EEEEE! J/K. I vote for Opera or Firefox, maybe Mozilla (older, but REALLY REALLY fast and good for portable browsing using USB fobs). There's no excuse to use IE except if you hit a site that just doesn't come up right with the other browser(s) (an example might be a few of the (less robustly programmed) java gaming sites that are out there). EDIT: doomtroll, I have been so out of the loop that I didn't notice Safari is now available for Win. I'm snagging it now. Hope it's fast, since my machine is slow ever since I decided to upgrade Firefox (it's getting so bloated these days).
  12. The more recent phracks weren't really phracks, they were just zines stealing the name & layout of the old phracks. I'm not sure even route's issues were really phracks, but at least he was given *partial* editorship by goggans (there were supposed to be checks & balances thrown in with a few other people helping out but they dropped out and I think the zine suffered as a whole for that long before route stopped putting out issues). FWIW I still believe that route didn't keep up the spirit of the older issues, for the same reason he didn't hand over the reins: because he has a huge ego problem, and never really caught the true spirit of all of this.
  13. Pff... A twonie/toonie/twonee it is.

  14. I want my *TWO DOLLARS*!

  15. I just read that whole "intercept operator" thing and I have to say -- that person had *no* idea what they were talking about. It's some disturbing, funny stuff with no logic whatsoever. *laughs* My favourite bad box plans? Maybe this one, though there I know I came across some far worse ones back in the day... Mmmm "cardboard box"?