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  1. I just relocated to the Baltimore/DC area and was wondering what meetings are currently active. There seems to be an Arlington and Baltimore meeting but I couldn't find a DC specific meeting. Anyone in the area know of any active meetings?
  2. I've got some spare room if anyone needs somewhere to crash. No need to chip in on the room, you can just pay your way with booze.
  3. Yes, I'll definitely be there for once.
  4. Just going to let everyone know that I'm going to be making it, so if anyone is interested in grabbing a beer, send me a PM.
  5. Sorry guys, I didn't realize they were taken down again. I was planning on having them up until everyone could find a new home. I'll have them put back in a few minutes.
  6. sed
  7. Just my answer to the question posed tonight. I'm a fan of: http://airscanner.com/downloads/sniffer/sniffer.html for a pocket pc sniffer and this is by far my favorite pocket PC softphone: http://www.xten.com/index.php?menu=products&smenu=xproppc
  8. Making your own antenna isn't the issue, whatever its use. The FCC regulates what frequencies you can transmit on and at what power levels you can transmit. Hook up a 100W transmitter to something and see what happens.
  9. Primestar Courtesy of www.wardriving.com
  10. Umm... I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. With wireless, 1. Yes, you do have to do more to lock it down, but overall if you are not willing to learn how to do this, I think you are in the wrong place. 2. Slower internet!??!? What are you talking about? If you are refering to the fact that 11Mb/s wireless is ~ 1/10th the bandwidth of a 100Mb/s wired port, yes this is true, but fortunately since I know of noone who has a 10Mb/s+ Internet connection at their house, this will not be an issue. Let's say you have 3Mb/s cable service. If if you have 802.11b (11Mb/s), you still have ~4x more bandwidth than your Internet pipe has available. And I'm not even sure what, "and not having internet fully" means. Overall, it does sound like a wireless router would be the perfect thing for you, but make sure that if you are going to implement the wireless that you understand the security issues involved in, and if you have any questions about securing your wireless, anyone here would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
  11. Nah, not X with Cobol, use Cobol .Net Now, that's just scary. When the 50 year old programmer decides to move on to new technologies.
  12. Think more along the lines of, walking into the bank with a PDA with 802.11*. Although, I can't think of a bank in their right minds that would use IP based wireless cameras over a close circuit TV system. Plus, even if they were using X10 style cameras, you could just use a white noise generator in the right frequency range to knock those out completely anyway.
  13. Yeah, or you could go rewrite pcap using pascal and write you're on GUI using cobol, but the obvious question is why? Actually, rather than using tcpdump and perl, try ngrep.
  14. The reason the cordless is killing it is because both are ~2.4Ghz devices.
  15. Ethereal is a one of the best open source sniffers out there. You'd be hard pressed to find one with more protocol decoders.