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  1. No you don't. Yes I know their ISO image and you normally burn it to a CD/DVD, but you don't have to boot it from a CD/DVD and he was looking for a floppy image. and it might be a little big for a 1.44 -1.92MB or maybe 2.88MB. get the image you need and extract all the files you need to install. tar them all up and then "split" them in size you can use on a floppy. then ran a small floppy distro (if it's x86 tomsrtbt is great for this job). format the harddrive install a bootloader. extract file to root, configure boot loader. boot. I've done this before with an old laptop yes this will take some time with a floppy drive or you can take out the drive and do all that on another PC then reinstall the drive.
  2. You do not need you own TFTP server, the installation would be a little faster, but on a machine like that bandwidth is not your problem (that's if you have it). you can just install it over the internet. Some architecture require that you have you own kernel, but not the more popular ones. that is if you going to use Debian.
  3. 4 hours LMFAO. First you don't work for large corporation with that time, and if you do you're an entry level at best, if not the janitor (nothing wrong with being a janitor). dinscurge, When I start building a new computer I build it around the software not the other way around. Don't look at a distro and say linux has problems. learn something about hardware first. x86 is an i386, they're one in the same. installing multiple distros is very eazy. Please know a little about what you're trying to talk about before you type.
  4. If you have a server that makes you money and you have a fear of losing money...wouldn't you hire someone to keep the server up. You a network admin or something? You should have read my whole post. A network admin or just an administrator is not going to know everything. Linux is <big>BIG</big> knowing everything is impossible. If the company is lucky, and find someone that dose know everything it's going to cost them big. If you take a look at irongeek's website he has a section that says "hire me" That has to be one of the most saddest things I have seen in a long time. If he was a lot more knowledgeable, say ten times he could/should be asking for around $200K+ Not picking on him, and not say I'm past his level, but he as drops of what make up a gallon of knowledge and you need a gallon to make real money. $45K a year you should be able to work into any computer place and make that. Again not pick on him, but the reason I use him is because a lot of people here look up to him.
  5. They want to see if you well off, good credit is a sign of a person with a good word. (honest) And people at desperate times do desperate things. this must be you first job, because I always get a credit check and the whole nine yards. like always ohm has his head up his ass.
  6. One hundred and one replies, pointless topic? numbers say different. this topic was about windows bashing not which one is better. Even though linux is better, please by all means tell me why windows is even equal to linux. Linux has better uptime, is able to do the basics better, better support, hundreds of options, free and open source. Windows can't touch linux. The only thing that windows is good for is playing on people's stupidity.
  7. The biggest problem with you is you don't understand uptime and downtime. you may under stand what those mean but you don't understand it in a business scene. When a computer (server) is down and that server makes money you don't have time to figure it out, you need to call that person/group that made the software or call someone that gives good support. Boy, when you're making money off a server you don't want it to be down. I buy a linux magazines from time to time, and I would say that a quarter of all the ads are for support. If I was wrong on this subject there would be no ads. You could be the smartest person in the world about computer but when you have a company breathing down your neck because of downtime and they're losing money. you have three options; figure it out in 10 minutes, call support, or you're fired, period!
  8. isn't a network an extender(s) a small box you can relay ethenet cable signals so you can have a longer cable then normal? or a small wifi box that allows wifi from a bigger network. why would you need more then one. and the FCC dose not make laws. you are more full or shit then I am
  9. I don't think wifi was around back in redhat 5 days, you could always update the kernel and modules and add the needed software.
  10. Agreed. I think this thread should be closed. disagree, if people were more educated about computers 90%+ of all people would pick linux hands down. But people are not and are made to pick one kind of software (microsoft) few would pick mac, like they do now. But people pick computers and software by what they know now, which is windows. It's like this take someone that as been driving an automatic car all their life, and then one day tell them to drive a standard 18-wheeler and they would look at you and say "WTF". People uses what they are uses to not what is best.
  11. could you please give a little more information. and have you took a look at netcat.
  12. no they still apply, you have a lot of older people that do it their way and call support. And you have a lot of younger kids learning from the older people. and on the other hand you have people that can't afford any downtime. and calling someone with a good, fast and reliable answer it's still golden.
  13. back in the early days there was no big internet nor was there man pages or any really good documentation. and for people that make a living working with software can really wait for someone to reply to a forum post, or a irc chat where a million and a half people giving their two cents. So, there's people with good, fast, and reliable support make a little money in the open source. And the good reliable ones are still around.
  14. I don't use support I have the man command, and the whole internet (like forum like this ).
  15. you pay for linux? now I have donated some money too some project. but you pay someone money for linux. that dosen't sound like the GNU I know. You pay for support.